Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Lucia Face Art is driven by a firm belief in the idea that everyone has their own beauty. With this as the company’s foundation, it has delivered a service that exceeds all client expectations, and nurtured a strong reputation in the greater beauty industry for its incredible cosmetic tattoos. Following its recognition in the programme, we spoke with Founder and Owner Lucia Sun, who spoke about the company’s ethos and values. “We believe and we know everyone has their own beauty, We also believe that everyone is unique, with different aesthetics and different lifestyles. Such differences make everyone suitable for different styles and looks. That why we do personal customisation to the individual – we are defined by uniqueness.” That is Lucia Face Art’s core pillar. Recognising and enhancing uniqueness and personal beauty through its services. In regards to those services, the company specialises in cosmetic tattooing, alongside the expected hair and makeup expertise. As a result of this specialisation in cosmetic tattooing, Lucia Face Art has become known for its diligent, considered, and careful approach to its work, understanding that each face will be unique in terms of muscle and bone structure. As such, Lucia and the team take the time to explain the ‘hows and whys’ to clients, making sure that all parties are fully informed before any needle touches skin. “We understand the relevant details of the customer before we get started. We explain why and how, and explain the client’s face /muscle/bones to let them understand how can we make enhance their beauty, while keeping exactly what makes them ‘them’.” This client-centricity has served to be a key distinguisher in an industry which is only becoming more popular over time, and rife with those looking to cash in on the popularity without the care and attention that is simply required in this space. “We meet the needs of every customer. We have so many different styles for each service: we can do supernatural feathering brow tattoos, we can do ombré brows, we can even mixed different styles to create your own style. Everyone is different, so we must be adaptable to each client. That is our unique sales point. Of course, we use best high quality and newest pigments that never turn red or blue after a few years,” Lucia adds. Of course, as with all industries and markets at the moment, business owners must keep apace of the swift developments that are happening on the global stage. One of the most prominent changes over the last decade has been the increasing need for social media adoption for companies of all sizes. In this space, Lucia Face Art has capitalised on social media to spearhead the marketing of its services. “I think social media is the largest, most impactful trend for every business in the beauty industry. On our side, we create more videos and post more work across our social network.” It might be no surprise with all these things considered, that Lucia Face Art is growing and expanding on the back of its success. Lucia moves to discuss how recruitment is handled by the company. “I’m looking for someone who is good at something that I’m not good at. Like social media. We working with different marketing companies and social media companies to market our studio. When it comes to specifics – in potential new employees we are looking for creatives, good listeners and those that hold themselves to a high standard.” Finally, when it comes to the future, Lucia is content with the progress that has been made since the company’s establishment – and has sights on simply remains consistent and focused on the here and now. “I’m happy with where I am now. I believe the future is made by now, when you’ve done 100%, and that’ll make the best future for you. We flew around the world to get the newest, best, and most unique cosmetic skills from the masters of the field, and will continue searching for the most natural and good quality pigments for our customers. With all the above in mind, Lucia Face Art has utilised a dedication to uniqueness and individuality to best serve its customers. By adapting to the needs and wants of its base, it has moved ahead of competitors in the industry and within the market in which it operates to become the de facto choice for anyone looking for best in class cosmetic tattoos. For that, Lucia Face Art and its team was recognised as the ‘Best Cosmetic Tattoo Experts’ in the Gold Coast, with all signs pointing to an incredible future ahead of it. Contact Details Company Name: Lucia Face Art Contact Name: Lucia Sun Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Best Cosmetic Tattoo Experts - Gold Coast “Good quality. Good skills. Good customer service. That’s the secret of our business.” “Sincerely consider the customer and pay attention to the details. Persistence is the key to our success. We care.”- Lucia Sun on the secrets to Lucia Face Art’s success.