Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Losing hair can be a traumatic event for anyone. Our confidence may fade, we may feel selfconscious, and we may even begin to have a difficult relationship with who we feel we are. However, with advancements in technology, and a team that genuinely cares, there are options. Here we explore how this Melbourne-based business, Luxe Micro, can help. SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) is a hair tattoo that is nonsurgical and highly recommended for those with hair loss of varying degrees. From thinning to total hair loss, SMP can be used to breathe life back into our lives, making us feel better on a psychological, and even physical, degree. As we all know, stress can have a huge impact on our physical being. When we suffer hair loss, we may suffer psychologically and, in turn, we can become physically unwell. This physical manifestation of stress can cause a strain on our relationships – from our relationship with ourselves to our relationships with our loved ones, or even strangers. We may become depressed and withdrawn, as though we aren’t who we once were. All is not lost as we reveal Luxe Micro. This Melbourne-based clinic introduces its innovative, expressive, and seasoned SMP solutions to a wide variety of people from all over the world. Not only does it revitalise our scalp, but it also breathes life back into us as we learn to love who we are again. Hormones play a huge part in all of our lives, and they can have an impact on our hair. From hair growth to hair loss, hormones take much responsibility for the way our hair looks. For women, hair can be affected by hormonal imbalances after childbirth and menopause. But hair can also be massively affected by medication and, of course, stress levels as different hormones increase and decrease due to these factors. Men also experience fluctuations in hormones due to their genetic makeup and, much like women, the stress that they experience can also affect their hair growth and loss. This is exactly why Luxe Micro concentrates on helping everyone. Owned and Operated by Marcin Kalinowski, Luxe Micro introduces a deeply experienced, leading SMP artist to the people of Melbourne, and beyond. Marcin is an expert in the realm of SMP, and he does everything he can to ensure each client gets exactly what they need to feel confident and happy in their own appearance. It all began in his 20s when he was studying for his degree. He noticed a substantial difference in his hair’s appearance and thickness before realising that he was experiencing male pattern baldness. Although he had experienced his father with a full head of hair well into his 50s, Marcin realised that this wouldn’t be the case for him. In his 30s, Marcin decided to shave his hair and wore caps to cover his baldness. He knew that hair systems weren’t an option, and hair transplants would be expensive, painful, and invasive, so he decided to do some more research in the hopes that he could find something more suitable for himself. It only took a few hours for Marcin to receive the treatment that changed his life. “In a few hours I had SMP done, and I was blown away at how much confidence it gave me and how great it made me feel. This was it! I knew at this point I had to get into SMP to give others the confidence that I now have.” Marcin is entirely passionate about giving his clients a new lease for life as he helps them to reconnect with themselves. And, as an added bonus, Marcin and Luxe Micro offers training and mentor programmes to allow you to change other people’s lives for the better too. Priding itself on being the best at assisting clients in their hair loss journey, Luxe Micro takes on as many clients as it can handle while still giving everyone the top-quality treatment that they require to feel renewed, fresh, and happy. “Our practitioner is highly qualified and trained as specialist in hair tattooing by some of the best in the industry. Regardless of the condition – whether it be male or female pattern baldness, thinning hair, Alopecia, facial hair patches or scalp scarring – SMP could potentially be the solution for you!” As Melbourne’s number 1 Award-winning SMP clinic, Luxe Micro has swiftly become the first option for people looking to find answers to their issues. It is the highest reviewed hair clinic in Melbourne and its clients couldn’t be happier to spread the word. As a fine example, and just one of many, Charlotte Lawrence said, “Thanks to Marcin for his patience with me and my demands. The guy is a legend, and I will let everyone know who did my scalp as I just love how it changed me on the inside and out.” Luxe Micro has now won Best Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic, in Melbourne, in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. It will continue to skyrocket as it helps even more people to gain their self-confidence back – one scalp at a time. If you’re looking to build your confidence back up after hair loss, Marcin at Luxe Micro is simply an email away. You can request an appointment in a few clicks, and change your life in next to no time. Contact: Marcin Kalinowski Company: Luxe Micro Web Address: Best Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic – Melbourne