Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Never before have you been able to walk into one place and go shopping, enjoy a nice meal and coffee, cuddle animals, go shopping for plants, book a massage, see the doctor, experience a psychic reading, style your hair, enjoy a facial, talk to a counsellor, release trauma through breathwork, learn meditation (the list goes on) all in one place. It is a collaboration of over 80 independent businesses working as one. Here’s to Strength is the ultimate community safe zone with everything you need in one place acting as a one stop selfcare experience for all of your needs when you feel at your most vulnerable. As comfort and self-care is different for everyone, this is why there are so many modalities and activities to support mental wellbeing in one place. For one person self-care may be gardening, it may be a comfy t-shirt, a massage or it may be sitting outside cuddling animals. Open 365 days a year, 7am-10pm with a Café’, Garden Centre, Florist, Self-Care Retail Store, Workshop and Classroom Space and Animal Therapy Zone (Chickens, bunnies, and ducks to pat and spend time with) the community hub is a warm and inviting space to feel safe and have space held for you when you need it most. With over 40+ wellness practitioners onsite, offsite, online, and mobile, the team have designed a SelfCare Directory with independent providers joining the mission ranging from counsellors, beauty, massage, allied health, psychic’s, alternative healers, home organisers, breathwork facilitators to a team of GP’s joining the mission in 2023. “At Here’s to Strength you immediately feel at home, safe, heard and validated with features of the hub designed to comfort you including calming music, a plus size mannequin with invisible illnesses written on her body, motivational quotes and affirmations written around the hub walls and a support fund being established where clients who are in need of self-care but are unable to afford the consultation fees can be sponsored through the funds raised to give back to the community directly. Our team members have become a real family, all showing up, living with difficult life experiences that have shaped them into the kind human beings that they are. The culture of Here’s to Strength is filled with gratitude, encompassing genuine support and integrity for our community The most integral part of our hub is the safe feeling you experience that it’s okay to be vulnerable”. When Elise looked back on her achievements so far for Here’s to Strength she realised that every single trauma and difficulty she had survived was for this reason, so she could fulfil this community purpose. Elise very quickly understood living in gratitude was the ultimate manifestation power. Her trauma is what she calls her superpower now. She understands life at a realistic level which equips her to tackle the obstacles we face in society to ultimately influence real change. Self-care can be an overwhelming ask for many people and sometimes someone might know they need help but not know where to start. This is why a space where everything is simplified was so important. Therapies such as counselling can be very daunting and although necessary, sometimes it is too scary to even consider booking that first appointment. By offering a trusting, safe environment that is welcoming, comfortable and validating, a client who needs counselling may start their self-care journey simply by purchasing an “I am a survivor” candle, or by enjoying a cup of coffee in the garden centre whilst cuddling a duck. Once they have enjoyed those experiences and realise the space is one they can trust, they feel safe and ready to take a leap of faith and book their first counselling session. Support from beginning to end. Since opening its door’s 7 months ago, Elise and her team have already helped a large number of people in major crisis who were struggling with balance and at times suicidal ideations. “It’s an almost daily occurrence when someone walks in feeling extremely overwhelmed and all they might need is someone to recognise that and sometimes a hug. We have collectively helped so many men, women and families turn to healthier coping mechanisms through simple supportive interactions, validation and humane based clinical support. The biggest thing everyone has enjoyed most, is simply having a safe space to go.” With a vision to open 100 hub’s around Australia and then expand to overseas, Elise is only at the beginning of her journey to end the stigma around mental health, selfcare and wellbeing. She is open to investment in the mission and will be offering more selfcare services in the next stage including home services like cleaning, gardening and meal prep, onsite services such as a smash room, infrared sauna, spa, tattoo studio, soundproof breathwork, ice baths, relax baths, nature rooms and more! “It’s time to prioritise you - Here’s to YOUR Strength”. Contact: Elise Riannen Company: Here’s To Strength Web Address: