Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

as the colour is literally bonded to the metal, making it resistant to corrosion, too. Customers living in a bushfireprone area benefit greatly from the non-combustible COLORBOND®, making it a wise choice. Corrugated metal sheets are so much easier to seal against flying embers and burning ash. Tried and tested for more than 50 years in some of the harshest environments in Australia, COLORBOND® is also termite resistant and makes for a good decramastic roof replacement. Due to the lightness of the material, there is almost no structural weight strain when using COLORBOND® and it is a highly thermally efficient material that will insulate a home from extreme heat and cold. Owing to the Thermatech® technology, COLORBOND® roofs boast reflective properties that bounce back penetrating heat. This naturally cools the house or building, allowing for air conditioners to function efficiently while reducing the building’s energy load. COLORBOND® also cools down quicker than tiles at night, especially when used in lighter colours. Additionally, water runs off very easily from COLORBOND® roofing due to a bonded paint finish that seals moisture off. Instead of the water pooling in certain areas, as can happen with tiles, the steel roofing’s ridges are made to eliminate rainwater quickly and easily, minimising the risk for leakage. As one of the most reused products, metal roofing is 100% recyclable. Due to its lightweight nature, it is easy and efficient to transport and contributes to less on-site wastage. With COLORBOND®, little maintenance and painting are necessary since colour is bonded into the material. Because a COLORBOND® roof is approximately one-tenth as heavy as a terracotta one, the frame supporting the roof will need not be complex. This effectively reduces the cost of installation, too. Overall, COLORBOND® holds many advantages over the traditional tile roofing material. Recently, Metal Roof Professionals Group gained recognition for its hard work and customer-centric focus in the Australian Enterprise Awards as Best Metal Roofing & Wall Cladding Company 2023 in the Greater Sydney area. Jim attributes this success to the dedicated MRP team which consists of Agim Zeneli, Gzim Zeneli, Erika Pasion, Jenifer Rabino, Roshan Rana Magar, Kamalendra Mallik, and Ela Thaku Rana Magar and our site supervisors whom he describes as “trustworthy, skilled, and knowledgeable.” “These qualities will help MRP to achieve its goals effectively and successfully in the future too,” he elaborates. “Our future plan is to be bigger and well known as one of the best metal roofing and cladding in all of Australia.” Contact: Erika Pasion Company: Metal Roof Professionals Group NSW Pty Ltd Web Address: