Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mint Printing Australia uses a fantastic amount of experience to influence its every move in the printing industry. With more than one area of expertise, but with award-winning signage and displays, Mint Printing is staying one step ahead of the curve at all times. Here we talk to Owner of Mint Printing, Daniel Fowler, as it wins this excellent title in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Mint Printing Australia is an online commercial printing business based in Melbourne. It promises top quality services to an array of clients in Australia. In its sixth year, Mint Printing has swiftly become one to watch in the industry as it guarantees the highest quality printed products - with expert design services and free delivery. It works hard to provide premium and deluxe business cards, books/booklets, die cut stickers, label rolls and sheets, posters/prints, promotional cards/postcards, signs, flags, and much more. With a huge list of products to offer, Mint Printing stands out against its competitors, who may only offer a few products in comparison. Daniel Fowler, Owner of Mint Printing, has an extensive background within the world of graphic design and print. He was once the sole operator of a physical print store for four years and has worked in the sphere for two dazzling decades – where he has picked up more than a secret or two. With regards to graphic design and printing, Daniel has a huge amount of experience. He has built a reputation of reliability in this realm, and he does everything with each client – and end product – in mind. He tells us, “After being in the printing industry for 10 years, and with a solid 10 years of design experience before that, I feel that Mint Printing has found a sweet spot in the industry.” Daniel and the small team at Mint Printing ensures each client gets what they need from every interaction. Prioritising the client, whilst doing what it can to guarantee a future for the business, is a juggling act that Mint Printing prides itself on. By being an online business, it can reach a wider variety of clients and customers – and it knows that customer service has brought it to where it is now. There have been big things happening for Mint Printing due to its clever strategy and helpful nature. Daniel shares, “Since the launch of the new site in in October 2021 and with a major dedication to Google Ads and SEO, we have managed to get to the top of Google in Australia for many print categories, which has resulted in work from The Parliament of Australia, and an array of big-name brands.” “This has also led to us unveiling our Trade Division, where we offer special discounts to other print shops, businesses in related industries, and schools, universities, government, and select specialised companies. More info available here:” When the pandemic hit, people still needed their business’ physical marketing, but perhaps even more so than before. Daniel shares, “I have managed to create a positive price-point for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners who are building themselves back up since the pandemic.” It is this hard work and dedication to the craft that has pushed Mint Printing forward even further than before. Boasting a 5-star reputation with its customers, Mint Printing has made a great impact on many people as they look to it for their printing needs. Here are just a few examples of what its customers had to say: Jessica Dey says, “I honestly and wholeheartedly recommend Daniel at Mint Printing to anyone I know looking for printing – he is the absolute best! The customer service level is top notch; Daniel is so accommodating and able to do basically anything you need at a really reasonable rate. The quality of the prints is fantastic, and the turnaround is crazy quick – I got my print delivery so fast, and it was even delivered to my door! 10/10 service all around.” Katie Macwhirter comments, “The team at Mint were great to deal with. They helped finalise our design and source some exotic papers and techniques for our specialised needs. Our business cards were delivered on time. The finished product was beautiful and we’re constantly getting compliments for our memorable cards. When it came to getting reprints done all it took was one email and the job was again delivered in a timely and professional manner. 10/10 will use again.” Tjanatja Cavenett adds, “Mint Printing have been incredibly supportive of my creative projects and offer the best advice for different requirements. They have explained everything clearly in regard to the backend process and answered my questions with ease. The delivery is quick and personal – cannot thank this crew enough for all the help they have provided me so far. They will be hearing from me many more times in the future with more creative ideas.” Mint Printing’s signage and displays have won it Best Signage & Displays Provider 2023, Victoria, and we’re pleased to have found such an adaptable, dedicated business that has a multitude of tricks up its sleeve – show-stopping signage being one of them. “You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a wide range of signage peppering the streets, and luckily we have all the relevant know-how and fabrication equipment to turn your ideas into real-world visual delights. Our signs have found their way onto a multitude of business’ storefronts in a diverse range of industries, but our signage doesn’t always have to be slapped to the side of a brick-and-mortar retailer. They can be standalone, A-frames, backlit, or even hanging, and they come in an array of unique materials and finishes.” Creating TEK flute or PVC foam board, ACM panels/board, point of sale signs, A-frames, Selfie frames, Acrylic signs, Lightboxes or neon signs, and Bollard signs, Mint Printing can attract a huge number of customers to its clients’ business – propelling them forward by treating those first impressions as some of the most important Best Signage & Displays Provider 2023 – Victoria “We’re an approachable one-stop shop for all high-quality printed products and design. Your local printer – Australia wide.”