Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

With gleaming reviews, it is clear that Soulfully Guided has made an incredible difference to people’s lives. In a video review, Tina said a lot about CarmelAnne and here’s a snippet of her heartfelt review. She said, “Being a part of this group has really nourished my soul. Being in this group has truly been transformative for me and I am continually learning and discovering more about myself. She knows how to create a safe space and she knows how to hold that space too.” As another brilliant example, Candace said, “My readings with Carmel-Anne are spot on every time. Whether I need guidance in my career, relationships, or any business ventures that I’m looking to pursue, Carmel-Anne is my go-to. Carmel-Anne gives her readings with such honesty, compassion, and love that I can feel how much she cares each time. I highly recommend readings with Carmel-Anne to gain clarity, healing, and insight into any issues that life throws your way.” Team Biddy for Biddy Tarot said, “You give detailed, relevant, and intuitive interpretations of the cards to create helpful readings. You create connections between the cards for comprehensive readings. You show empathy and compassion towards your clients and strive to leave them with a sense of hope and something to work towards and provide clear and constructive advice based on the cards drawn. Carmel-Anne, I am thoroughly impressed by the effort you’ve put into your readings” Your application is eloquent, detailed, and professional – you’ve done a fantastic job. Well done!” For the future, Soulfully Guided has a great dream of becoming more recognised by private and public health service providers under spiritual and emotional wellbeing. A lot of Soulfully Guided’s clients prefer Carmel-Anne’s tarot readings over traditional counselling sessions because they feel more connected to CarmelAnne on a spiritual level. And, with spirituality being massively important to its clients, Soulfully Guided puts their beliefs at the forefront of its operation. With a free-spirited internal culture, Soulfully Guided has a support network set up for all. Carmel-Anne adds, “Together we create something magical, like an offer, or a design, a newsletter, photos or our website, some content writing or an ad, some videos etc. I love to bring my magic to the mix in all things Soulfully Guided and we love seeing other staff and freelancers’ magic come to life too.” We are proud to present such a dedicated individual to our readers as Carmel-Anne wins Most Compassionate Spiritualist & Tarot Reader 2023. Here at APAC Insider we are excited to see what she does next as she continues to lead others towards a spiritually healthier and happier life. Contact: Carmel-Anne Villella Company: Soulfully Guided Web Address: https://www.