Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 It’s going to take a sort of “all hands-on deck” approach to push the renewable energy sector forwards, despite positive progression over the last decade. Many companies are pitching in, looking to innovate, drive, and accelerate the space towards global adoption. ALS Solar has, since its establishment, worked diligently and creatively to better the renewable energy sector. We spoke with Managing Director Luke Mahoney to find out more. ALS Solar was created with a simple goal in mind – to deliver solar systems that were, in a nutshell, good value for money. In the years since, the company has achieved all of that and more, and now works on a greater scale, delivering reliable systems that are manufactured in Australia for Australian needs. For Luke, who started as Managing Director some four years ago, this goal is all important to the ongoing success of the business, with a reputation that speaks volumes to its ability to exceed all expectations. “ALS Solar was originally created as an Engineering company with the goal of developing a solar system that would deliver unrivalled, lifetime value to Australians while maintaining the highest level of integrity. As an Australian owned and operated company, this goal was critical to the founders of ALS due to the major lack of integrity witnessed throughout the solar industry, with the common misconception that poor quality, offshore products can provide a sound investment for Australians. “We are proud to say the ALS Solar team has achieved this goal with stringent, ongoing research and development into the industry’s most reliable products leading us to partner with Tindo Solar, the only Australian owned solar panels manufacturer, successfully delivering Australian systems our clients can trust.” Reliability. Expertise. HighQuality. Client-Centricity. Trust. Those are the qualities at the centre of ALS Solar and will remain crucial as it moves forward into an evercompetitive landscape. But let us be clear here, the company is a pacesetter in the market, and looks to maintain that pace going forward into the future. “Our difference is the focus and commitment we have towards providing systems which are proven to be the most reliable in the market, manufactured right here in Australia for Australian conditions. We can guarantee your system satisfaction by combining this commitment with our unique customised approach to your design and internal team of CEC accredited tradesmen, ensuring that we take ownership of every step in your transition to solar power,” Luke adds, before continuing on the subject of ALS Solar’s operations and approach. “Working across residential, commercial, and rural projects of all sizes and scope, we are committed to delivering a quality result with industry leading products, reliability and warranties while ensuring exemplary customer service and advice for our clients. ALS Solar has built an internal team of CEC approved installers to ensure our high quality and integrity values are maintained during the installation process. Our teams of experienced tradesmen and technical advisers span across the east coast of Australia and are committed to providing a solar solution for your specific needs.” Ultimately, if you are in the market for a solar system, there’s no beating ALS Solar. Whether it be its continued drive towards setting best practices in the industry, or its ethos that prizes reliability and expertise, ALS Solar leads the way, acting as a light for all others to follow. “ALS Solar is wholly Australian owned and operated, and we would love the opportunity to show you why our solar systems are the best value for your investment in renewable energy.” Company: ALS Solar Contact: Luke Mahoney, Managing Director Email: [email protected] Telephone: 1300 581 800 Best Renewable Energy Retail Company - New South Wales