Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mar22270 5th Element Wellness (5EW) is a personal training studio, wellness gym and high grade supplement store in the heart of Fitzroy North, Melbourne. Named the ‘Best Holistic Gym & Wellness Centre” in the state of Victoria, we were eager to talk to General Manager and Co-Founder Matthew Hoo to find out how it has cultivated its impressive reputation in the hyper-competitive realm of fitness. “We use a holistic approach to help clients sustainably achieve their fitness and wellness goals via exercise, supportive nutrition, stress management, community and connection.” -Matthew Hoo, General Manager and Co-Founder Fitness and wellness are goliaths on the world stage, seeming to only be gaining greater momentum and greater diversity through the incorporation of technology, medicine, healthcare, and holistic approaches. As such, if you need a gym to suit your unique needs, chances are you can find one, whether it be a high-tech neon paradise, or a natural, holistic affair focused on meditation, Pilates and Yoga. Many specialise, few embrace variety. Yet, while offering a wealth of services and options for new clients, 5EW remains true to its founding core of being a “third space” for all who come through its doors. “Unlike standard gyms, we aim to support as many aspects of wellness as possible for our members, and to act as their ‘third space’: home and work being their first and second spaces. As we’re committed to providing accountability and recovery just as much as exercise, our space has an infrared sauna and cold tub on site, along with a studio (warmed by infrared too!) where we run a range of yoga classes and mat Pilates. Members are supported with frequent ‘coach check-ins’, and can linger at our communal tables in our open reception area and sip on a fresh bone broth or protein shake or eat a delicious wholefoodbased ready-made meal. “Our regular events give members the opportunity to test out their strength and fitness personal bests at our Community Games or jump into an ice bath and breathwork session. We don’t run things like weight loss challenges, which aside from being gimmicky and subsiding on short term commitment, often lead to yoyo dieting and poor health outcomes. We help people to fall in love with lifelong habits and lifestyle change that will nurture their health to keep them strong and agile in the long run. And with this, we hope to be a wellness sanctuary and safe space for our clients,” Matthew explains out of the gate. 5EW, then, is home for its members, a place of wellness, coaching, and doing things their way – what is best for their individual lifestyle, body and long-term happiness. Fitness centres, gyms and training studios can be intimidating places. For Matthew, creating a space that met the needs of its members was crucial in cultivating a place that embraced diversity, and became synonymous for being open to all. Indeed, as he goes on to discuss, a good proportion of the studio’s clients are professionals looking to prioritise their health after, potentially, years of neglecting it. Getting the right balance between accessibility and variety was essential to creating the business’ image. “Though our client base is diverse, many are busy professionals and business owners who are craving guidance to be their healthiest for the long term. After significant periods of prioritising work, they want to make sure they support their health for better life quality; to be there for their families and loved ones, and to experience more physical empowerment and confidence. We also support people who have been burned out or injured by overzealous training in the past and need guidance with recovering from injury.” Fundamentally, 5EW – the entire team, culture and mission – is catered towards truly caring for those that engage in their services whether online or inperson, and helping them to achieve their personal goals. It’s clear to see that this was key from the outset of its establishment, as Matthew moves on to state. “At our core, we care deeply about our members and clients and want them to thrive. After working with thousands of clients, we’ve found that there are five areas—or elements—of health that work synergistically to facilitate this. Movement: mobility, strength, posture, and living pain free. Nourishment: nutrition, digestion, hydration. Fulfilment: building confidence, achieving goals, gratitude, healthy physique. Connection: community, support, sense of belonging and, Stress Management: mindfulness, yoga, hot & cold therapy. We like to think of these aspects of health as a wheel: if one element is under-supported—or even non-existent—the wheel can’t turn smoothly and so, our health and wellbeing will bear the brunt of a lack of balance.” Today, 5EW celebrates a reputation that few can match in the sector. With numbers booming in this post-pandemic world, Matthew concludes by giving a small insight into the studio’s future. “We have quite a few exciting plans for the future, including the expansion of our online store, online holistic health coaching programs, more community events and retreats for our members and collaborations with our incredible affiliate community!” Company: 5th Element Wellness Name: Matthew Hoo, General Manager and Co-Founder Email: [email protected] Web Address: •The space: https://www.5ew. •The store: https://shop.5ew. Address: 79 Queens Parade FITZROY NORTH, VIC 3068 Telephone: (03) 9486 8600 Best Holistic Gym & Wellness Centre - Victoria