Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Based in Cowes, Phillip Island, The Tipsy Cowe is an experience not to be missed – especially if you live in the area. For locals and visitors alike, The Tipsy Cowe is a hub for delicious meals and a fine atmosphere that brings people together. Here we admire The Tipsy Cowe as it wins its title in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Tapas Bar of the Year – Victoria Immersive yourself! At The Tipsy Cowe, guests are invited to partake in a charming tapas dining experience designed to promote connection and conversation. The meticulously crafted menu is poised to enthral and satisfy taste buds, whether dining individually or with companions. Nestled along the breathtaking Phillip Island coastline, where the Western Port Bay’s beauty unfolds before your eyes, awaits a delightful hidden treasure. Step into a space adorned with cozy, plush furnishings and radiant neon lights that set the atmosphere aglow. Marvel at the artful graffiti wall, where poetic words dance together to create a vibrant and inspiring masterpiece. Get ready to be captivated by this enticing haven! Having recently garnered the esteemed Tapas Bar of the Year title at the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023, The Tipsy Cowe has established itself as a purveyor of a diverse and delectable menu that caters to all preferences. Embark on your gastronomic journey with small plate offerings such as Warm Mixed Marinated Olives, the island’s finest Calamari, The Tipsy Arancini, The Tipsy Croquettes, or the Duo of Seasonal Dips with Warm Pita Bread. For those with more substantial appetites, larger sharing dishes like Chicken Tenderloins, 18-hour Cooked Beef Brisket, and Crispy Pork Belly are available. Vegetarian diners will be thrilled by options like Rustic Bruschetta, Baked Camembert, Caramelised Leek and Five Cheese Bread, and Vegetarian Spring Rolls. To enhance your dining adventure, The Tipsy Cowe presents an impressive array of cocktails and beverages. Experienced mixologists prepare both classic and imaginative signature concoctions that are both alluring and satisfying. Relish a rejuvenating Mojito, a Passionfruit Margarita, or any of the numerous delightful cocktails, each crafted to complement the tapas offerings. For wine connoisseurs, the carefully curated wine list showcases a wide variety of premium selections, ranging from crisp Sauvignon Blanc to full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and other exceptional choices from Victoria and beyond. As evening descends, The Tipsy Cowe transforms into an vibrant and upbeat lounge bar, offering an enticing selection of cocktails, wines, and craft beers. The entertainment Feb23224 offerings are equally remarkable, featuring a diverse array of events such as drag shows, comedy nights and, live music performances, ensuring there is always something engaging happening. For a dose of glamour, the Drag and Dine experience combines the allure of fine food and beverages with the captivating performances of spectacular drag queens. The Tipsy Cowe is a lively and welcoming venue that promises an unparalleled dining adventure not to be missed. To sum up, The Tipsy Cowe is the ideal destination for commemorating a special event or simply relishing a memorable evening with loved ones. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the distinctive and enthralling atmosphere of The Tipsy Cowe. Reserve your table now and set off on an extraordinary voyage. The Tipsy Cowe - where food, beverages and entertainment meet and the best memories are shared. Contact Details Contact: Jareth Richardson Company: The Tipsy Cowe Web Address: