Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 Revaro provides engineering services to a wide range of industries including construction, rail, manufacturing, water, power generation, and mining. We find out what makes it one of the best in the business. Headquartered in Australia, the Revaro team go above and beyond to ensure that they are providing the best service possible to clients. The full-service company has a team well-equipped to deal with a high range of service requests. These include having experts ready to deal with clients who need the following services: structural design; mechanical design; drone asset inspection; temporary works design and inspection; and lifting equipment design and certification. The team’s considerable experience in mechanical and structural engineering, lifting devices, bulk materials, handling machines and tanks, as well as dealing with water assets serves as the foundation for its highly adaptive competence. Every job is completed based on the Revaro values of creativity, commitment, and integrity. Every member of the team looks for opportunities for the company where they may benefit clients and offer innovation while cutting costs and maintaining integrity. The team approaches every project it undertakes with an open mind and develops solutions that are specific to the needs of each of their clients. When combined with an integrated management system that is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 18001, and ISO 14001, solutions are of a high calibre, secure, and respect the environment. Furthermore, the Revaro team, as pointed out by the leadership team at the top, is adapting well to all the trends that are popping up in the industry. The cost of technology is falling while it is advancing tremendously swiftly in the engineering services sector. Drone utilisation is an example of contemporary development, with Revaro integrating its drones to support engineering inspection of highrisk structural assets. The risk connected with height access has decreased thanks to the deployment of drones for asset inspection, and the cost to the company’s clients has decreased as well. As part of its ability to cope with the trends, Revaro keeps a substantial collection of analytical software from vendors like Autodesk, Bentley, Strand7, and SkyCiv. Revaro’s analytical tools are in line with project needs because the systems are similar. Adapting to the advancements in technology is something the management team actually look into when they are hiring staff. Internally, everyone needs to believe in the same values that the management team possess. When it comes to the ideals that guide Revaro’s culture, the leadership team is uncompromising and won’t move from their values. By incorporating innovation into client projects, the employees of the company are encouraged and rewarded. When interviewing for the firm, management just do not tolerate mediocrity within the organisation, and it is these values are the reason for clients receiving such superb service. When assessing their hiring strategy, the team have to adapt because they are of the belief that engineers tend to be conservative by nature and frequently fall back on “what worked last time” thinking, and so this calls for a distinctive recruitment strategy. Potential employees have numerous opportunities to learn about the company, including the chance to speak with current employees who have a big say in choosing their new co-workers. It is this open, unique, and transparent approach which actually attracts many to the firm. If there is a contradiction between an employee’s own values and Revaro’s ideals, it could negatively affect the company’s culture, client relationships, and quality of results. The owners of Revaro are aware that outstanding personnel can only flourish in a fantastic culture. Looking towards the future, Revaro has big plans, with it wanting to grow by up to 300% in the upcoming year. This will involve the expansion across Australia of the company’s existing services, as well as into a new industry, such as the water sector. What’s more, in further exciting news, Revaro will enter the renewable energy sector with the development of innovative thermal technology. Company Name: Revaro Contact Name: Jason Fankhauser Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 1800738276 Best Mechanical & Structural Engineers 2023