Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 Useready is a supply chain firm specialising in product sourcing. The company helps its clients with all their inventory purchases directly from manufacturers. We take a look at what makes the business stand out in the industry as it services clients on a daily basis. With its headquarters in Australia, Useready works with leading producers all over the world, particularly in India, Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh, to assist clients in having highquality items created. When looking more at the services provided, the business handles end-to-end services and products, assuming ownership of the goods from the raw material purchase to delivery to their warehouse. Because Useready is such a diverse business, its customers can be any firm wishing to buy goods, inventory, machinery, or other items from other countries in large quantities or directly from producers. It has several notable clients within the sector, but the company often works with clients in the manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and e-commerce sectors. Working as a diverse company, Useready delivers a fantastic service. It has end-to-end procedures that make up the majority of the services offered. If a client can discover a suitable alternative, the company will also offer delivery just to them. For its consumers, Useready’s basic values include making international trading simple, safe, and economical. Customers spend a lot of money on their products, therefore they want to ensure that the thing they receive meets their requirements for quality. The company’s objective is to constantly obtain the greatest deal and have confidence in the security of its funds. Useready is always at the whim of the producer in international trade, and it ensures that clients can have full faith and trust in the business. However, it is not just trust which is the key aspect of why clients want to work with Useready. There are no hidden fees when working with Useready. Competitors of the business charge customers anywhere between 5% and 10% of the invoice amount for every order, as well as a retainer fee of between $1600 and $2500 per month. This fee is for the time that Useready’s rival spends finding the right manufacturers for their customers. This is where Useready is different. Beyond the agreedupon pricing with the client, the team does not charge any further percentages or commissions. The Useready team simply seeks to offer value for money as a business. The team first ensures they fulfil the client’s desired price after the client provides it. Moreover, Useready does not charge its customers any additional fees; instead, they simply pay the agreed-upon amount and that goes a long way to instilling trust, alongside state-of-the-art products and services. Not only this, but clients are more than happy to work with the company because it offers an ISO-certified quality control process and produces internally accepted quality reports from companies like SGS and PROQC. Ultimately, part of what makes Useready stand out is its flexibility. On top of everything, the company’s trustworthy and flexible international payments are made in AUD. This means that they are supporting the country of Australia, a fact the team is keen to impress, in increasing the demand for AUD as a currency on the global trading platform. This means the team are a part of the reason for the increasing demand for AUD which will help is making AUD stronger in the forex market. For 2023 and beyond, there are many ways that Useready will be able to grow its products and services. With the supply chain demand growing at a rapid rate, the leadership team are planning to launch in USA, Europe, and UK. The company’s goal is to bring clients and sellers closer and make the international market easily available for anyone across the globe. Interestingly, the team are working on building a platform to make the South Asia market more available to the global market and automate the importing and exporting process. Company: Useready Name: Rakesh Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Supply Chain Consulting Firm 2023 - Victoria