Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 Liberty Tours’ dedicated team of professionals have travelled and lived around the world for decades, sometimes separately, sometimes together. Differing personalities and interests come together to create a dynamic environment that leads to an ability to offer a diverse range of travel styles and experiences to clients. As CEO of Liberty Tours, Steve Cairns embraces the variety offered by his industry and position in the market – indeed, he is captivated by it. This passion extends to the entire team, with all members enjoying the rich variety of interests and experiences being in the travel industry offers. This joy for travelling is evident in both the culture of the company, and its success. The mission of Liberty Tours is to offer travel experiences that light up the lives of its clients. This is much more than a mantra; it is a phrase that will be heard in its team’s conversations daily, and it truly gives them a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Created primarily as an “essentials” brand, Liberty Tours focused on providing travel opportunities for people with a strong desire to see the world but limited disposable incomes. It proved to be very successful and achieved rapid growth in the market. In defining its place within the market, several truisms have emerged and shaped the company’s growth and development. Steve Cairns shared these with us: “We cannot be all things to all people. For the most part, people do not need much assistance to travel around their own country. We are part of a global society that is becoming more and more intertwined. No matter what budget a client may have, everyone expects and demands value for money.” He continued, “Based on these insights, we have chosen to focus on international travel and leave domestic travel to others, notwithstanding our commitment to supporting all the travel needs of our clients.” Social responsibility is very important to Liberty Tours, and wherever possible, it chooses suppliers who are also socially aware. Whilst embracing and encouraging travel, the company believes it is important to do so in a way that minimises the impact on the environment. An example is its preference for cruise lines that run state-of-the-art fleets and utilise green technology. In line with Liberty Tours’ promise of great value, it also recognizes the market expectation for great service. Whilst every travel agency claims to offer good service, Liberty Tours brings it into reality by providing 24hour support to all clients. Steve commented, “Needs for this service may vary, but we know that people have more mishaps in unfamiliar circumstances, and it gives great peace of mind to know that they have someone in their corner. Sometimes an inexperienced couple may get off a plane in Paris and not be able to find their driver. They can phone us and we will take steps to resolve their issue.” Also to ensure that its clients get the level of service promised, there is a cap on the number of new clients it can support. Every time the company receives a new enquiry, it starts by making sure that it can help. Steve explains, “once we are both (the client and member of staff) satisfied that we are a good match, we can arrange to have in-depth discovery session to really uncover what sort of holiday would delight the client, and light up their life.” It can be no surprise that Liberty Tours continues to impress through its pursuit towards perfection. Not one to rest on its laurels, team members continue to explore new ways in which to enrich each client experience. Today, every client under Liberty Tours noted expertise can rest assured that they will receive the best travel experience, without question. Company: Liberty Tours Contact: Steven Cairns, CEO Website: Email: [email protected] Best Outbound Travel Agency - Sydney