Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 With 25 years of experience in the trade, Tai Powdercoat & Spray Finishes (Tai Powdercoat) is a team of fully qualified powder coaters who are thriving and ready to restore your metal objects to their former glory. Let’s take a look at what makes the company one of the most well-known in the country. Based in New South Wales, Tai Powdercoat & Spray Finishes specialises in restoring metal objects. As qualified powder coaters for the commercial and residential construction, fabrication, and building industries, the company’s team have worked with some of the most highly qualified and nationally recognised organisations in the area. Indeed, part of what makes Tai Powdercoat so popular is its team – and its clients are keen to talk about their experience, with word of mouth and client referrals being its main marketing tool. In fact, Tai Powdercoat’s services are highly sought-after across Canberra, the Queanbeyan Region, and in neighbouring states thanks to the competitive rates on offer and high-quality finishes. The team offers a comprehensive range of powder coating to suit a wide range of surfaces. With one eye on the future, it is also important to note that powder coating is more environmentally-friendly than standard wet paint since it uses no solvents and eliminates pollutants in the air. This is all part of what makes the company so in demand. Internally, there is much to admire about Tai Powdercoat. It is not just the external output but also the company’s values which have contributed to the company being recognised as the Best Commercial Powder Coating & Spray Finish Company 2023 - Australia Capital Territory. Tai Powdercoat’s core values revolve around being trustworthy to its consumers, being committed to transforming metal objects, and continuing to be passionate about producing a diverse, safe, and professional environment. These values have contributed to its success as it has grasped opportunities to create ongoing and reliable relationships with customers. A proudly family-owned and -operated business, the company differentiates itself from competitors due to the team’s high commitment to always going above and beyond to meet customer expectations. It is never just as simple as completing a job, but ensuring the service completed is always of the highest standard. Furthermore, what is most important is that the team are understanding of the fact that time is money. It is this that essentially drives the company to have the fastest turnaround time in the New South Wales region. Unique and unmatched within its sector, its extraordinary team are able to complete jobs within a five business day turnaround time. The team can even offer same-day services, depending on the circumstances. Looking in from the outside, it is easy to see just how tightknit the team are. As a small family-owned business that has solely been managed by a married couple for the past 20 years, these types of success stories are exactly what puts a smile on so many faces. The owner of the company, Soakai Tai with his proficiency in engineering production systems is very well qualified with experience that extends over 30 years, and this has been a crucial aspect in the company’s success. Over the years, Tai Powdercoat has hired staff members who are committed, reliable, and respectful but most of all have a real can-do attitude and show a real keenness to learn the trade. It is these qualities among staff members that contribute to its sterling reputation. Moving forward, the future is bright for Tai Powdercoat. There is a real focus from Soakai and the team on how they will continue to achieve business growth. They plan to expand the business outside of the current local region, as the company looks to help with the restoration of any metal objects within the commercial, residential, and building industries. We look forward to seeing exactly what the future has in store for Tai Powdercoat as we enter a crucial phase in 2023. Company Name: Tai Powdercoat & Spray Finishes Pty Ltd Contact Name: Melesete Tai Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Best Commercial Powder Coating & Spray Finish Company 2023 - Australia Capital Territory