Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Proud of its Australian roots, FNQ Spirits is a distillery taking the drinks industry by storm with its locally produced, high-quality spirits. No stranger to an award win, we learn more about this exciting company as it sees success within the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Keeping it local, the team at FNQ Spirits are keen to impress locals with its outstanding Australian-made beverage offering. It even uses coffee from Australia’s oldest coffee farm, Skybury to produce its coffee and mocha liqueurs. What’s more, even the limes for the Limq Liqueur come from Caamano farms, and Skybury again is used for its vodka. So, if you ever wanted to have a truly Australian experience, FNQ Spirits is the place to be. Aside from its local focus, the company also ensures it is committed to zero waste. In the food and drink industry there can often be a lot of waste, but the team at FNQ Spirits are keen to produce no waste whatsoever. This is part of their culture and what makes the company so outstanding. If there is any waste left over, then it is sent straight to a local farmer who uses it to feed his animals. It is no wonder really that this distillery is rated so highly, being well-renowned around the Queensland area for kindness and appreciation of others. In one more nod to the Australian heritage of the distillery, you only need to have a look at its signature drink, Croc Piss. This beverage was named after the location in which the business is based, Croc Country. Furthermore, because of the location, FNQ Spirits is able to take advantage of the best sugarcane in the world, alongside crystal-clear water and clean air. It is no wonder that the company produces some of the finest alcohol in the country. For FNQ Spirits, it doesn’t just stop at producing the alcohol, however. There are plenty of aspects which help the business to stand out amongst its competitors in the food and drink industry. Despite there not currently being a bar to stock all the tasting samples or sit down to have a drink (although this is on the horizon), there is still the option for visitors to taste the samples. The tasting process is simple, with visitors able to test straight from the bottle, meaning it is incredibly authentic. Always keeping an eye on the future, FNQ Spirits is looking to expand, but the owner, Troy Read will never be dissuaded from his core offering. The distillery will always produce high-quality spirits that are distributed to the public through alcohol retailers, meaning they take care of the distribution and allow the FNQ Spirit team to focus on producing delicious new drinks. The company will never move away from using Australian ingredients, as this is what has made it what it is today and is a key reason why FNQ Spirits have been named the Best Regional Craft Distillery 2023. Looking to build on its success, the future does look bright for the Distillery. There is a new shed being built, with 450 square metres providing an open space for people to fall in love with the Australian culture all over again. It is an incredibly exciting time and the new spaces mean that production could become even faster. The team will tell anyone that will listen about how it will allow them to increase the production of their offerings. Not only that, but FNQ Spirits is also just about to release its mocha liqueur, a perfect blend of coffee and chocolate. And the team is incredibly confident that customers will find it just as delicious as they do. We can’t wait to hear how it goes for the team and of course, learn about what the customers think! Company Name: FNQ Spirits Contact Name: Troy Read Address:436-438 Sheridan Street, Cairns North, QLD 4870, Australia Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: +61447232309 Best Regional Craft Distillery 2023