Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 Founded in 2011, Marcomms Australia helps leaders and organisations build great reputations and industry-leading brands. Based in Melbourne, Marcomms is headed up by public relations and branding guru, Ros Weadman. With four decades of experience, Ros is an expert in empowering leaders to see the bigger picture and build their brand on a higher purpose. A great reputation can’t be bought. It must be earned. But finding the most effective way to move that forward isn’t always evident. Marcomms Australia is an expert at transforming and reinvigorating brand messaging so that its clients stand head and shoulders above the competition. Marcomms Australia’s Ros Weadman is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, an accredited EDISC consultant and is also accredited with the International Association of Public Participation. Ros knows that, more and more, today’s consumers make choices based on their own beliefs and values. Choosing who to work with, where to buy our goods, and who to invest our money with are all decisions where our gut instinct is likely to have the final say. Brands that align with our values are quick to gain our trust and our loyalty. Ros says, “We’ve made it our mission to build brands on a purpose, not just on a promise. When businesses build their brand through the lens of purpose, they become an aspirational brand. They think beyond the product or service they sell. They see themselves as a catalyst for positive change within the communities they share and beyond.” Working with businesses and government organisations, Marcomms clients include Melbourne Seafood Centre, McLaughlin Consolidated Fisheries, Tudor Insurance Australia, and myriad local councils. Ros tells us, “By connecting their people to a compelling purpose, a strong set of principles and an aligned brand promise, our clients improve their organisational engagement and strategic alignment. This ultimately drives better results and relationships and grows their reputation.” To achieve these outcomes, Ros uses her proprietary methodology to integrate and align the brand-defining dimensions of corporate culture, communications, customer experience and citizenship. Ros explains, “When these dimensions are out of sync, organisational credibility diminishes, trust is compromised and reputation suffers because of mixed messages, inconsistent interactions across customer touchpoints, low staff engagement and unfulfilled customer expectations.” As for Ros herself, she uses her combined expertise in public relations, marketing, psychology, and education to empower her clients to articulate what they stand for as a brand. She says, “Transforming brand stories, value propositions and marketing messages from dull and detached, to energised and engaging helps clients to stand apart. When messaging resonates deeply with a target audience, it helps forge an industryleading brand reputation.” As a brand communication and reputation expert, Ros is a trusted advisor to hundreds of business executives and political leaders. Featured in high-profile publications such as Forbes Australia and CEO World Magazine, she is also the author of two books. The first, ‘BrandCode,’ is a strategic marketing and public relations guide for small businesses. The second, ‘Enhance Your Reputation’, is a practical resource that advises how to build a brand people want to do business with. Marcomms states its own values as being authenticity, courage, passion, vision, and empowerment. With the way it works, it is able to elevate every brand to a sophisticated level of success for now and the future to come. We’re sure to see it help even more businesses to flourish as it continues to grow and adapt for each of their business endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Ros Weadman Company: Marcomms Australia Pty Ltd Web Address: Best Brand Communication & Reputation Specialist 2023: Ros Weadman