Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mar22270 FastFeetGrinded B.V (FastFeetGrinded) has distinguished itself through one key fact – it is the designer of the world’s first shoe recycling machine. In this, it has become an innovator on the greater landscape, a pacesetter for change. Following its success in the programme, we spoke with CEO and Founder Danny Pormes to find out more about the company. “We need to change the international shoe industry into a circular industry.” The future will be made by those that see an opportunity to change paradigms. To invent, and create and drive towards betterment, to fulfil needs and shape industries. As the creator of the world’s first shoe recycling machine, FastFeetGrinded has looked to change the shoe industry from one that produces immense waste to one that offers an alternative option towards sustainability. Here, Danny explains FastFeetGrinded’s offering and operations. “FastFeetGrinded has developed a unique shoe recycling installation that pulverizes and separates all types of footwear. We treat 3 main sources: simply old shoes which can no longer be worn, unused materials or residues during the production process and sample shoes that have never been worn but are not for sale purposes. “We called the machine, simply, SRM: the Shoe Recycle Machine. The SRM can process 2,500 shoes per hour. On one side of the machine the shoe goes in and on the other side we separate into three different materials: foam, rubber and textile. These come out in granules or yarn.” It perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise that the internal culture of the company shares this creative spark, with collaboration and teamwork encouraged. “We really work well as a close-knit small team,” Danny adds. The mission of the company naturally feeds into this culture, with passion and innovation beating strongly throughout all tiers and departments. Ultimately, FastFeetGrinded is built on the back of a foundational issue – an issue that is undeniably immense, as Danny moves on to discuss in his final comments. “In the end, it’s just a matter of scale. Ten shoes are thrown away every second, so you can see that the industry is dying for a good solution. We have that.” And that is where FastFeetGrinded has made its mark, working to tackle a prevalent global issue with a workable, and impactful solution. We need more individuals and companies like FastFeetGrinded and Danny. For that, the company was recognised for its incredible presence in the sphere, with a future only defined by growth and expansion. Company Name: FastFeetGrinded B.V. Contact Name: Danny Pormes, CEO/Founder Address: Fahrenheitstraat 8, 1704 RK Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 0229 313 024 Most Innovative Shoe Recycling Company - APAC