Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23620 The world of business moves quickly, and it can seem incredibly intimidating to meet the ever-evolving demands of this world. Add to that, the pressures of a post-pandemic climate, and you’ve got a wealth of leaders in dire need of guidance. Enter Hacia Atherton and Hacia Atherton International. Sometimes, an unfortunate accident can lead to incredible heights. As they say, when one door unexpectedly closes, a plethora of options may open up. That was certainly the case with Hacia, who endured a life-changing injury that would change her trajectory from one path to another. “2017 was a pivotal year for me as my life was turned upside down, while I was training to become a Grand Prix dressage rider, my 600kg horse threw me off and landed on top of me, crushing my pelvis, and causing nerve damage to my right leg. I was told I might never walk in a meaningful way. This journey made me realised I used to have so many fears that were holding me back from living a more courageous life, but now I’ve become the master of my fears through courageous leadership. “I achieved this by turning trauma into triumph through not only my lived experiences during my recovery but also my extensive experience in the corporate world. Now I am motivated to inspire others to redefine their own version of success and embrace a strategy to turn their dreams into reality through my keynote speaking, corporate workshops.” Today, Hacia is driven by an intense passion to inspire people to reveal and embrace their full potential. In this way, she acts as a crucial element to their future success, empowering them to greater heights, and allowing them to harness their abilities to make people, simply, better leaders. “Courage is an essential element to not only achieving your personal goals but accelerating your career. You need to learn to master your fear instead of allowing your fear to master you.” “My passion is to inspire people to see their remarkable potential and empower them to connect with their courage so they can overcome challenges and turn their dreams into reality. We all have fears, but we often don’t know how to deal with them in a productive way. We let these emotions hold us back from living the life that we want or becoming the leaders we know we can be. There are so many ways in which you can change your perspective on what scares you and even use these emotions to guide you towards new opportunities instead of letting them hold back progress. The key is to embrace your courageous self and communicate with both yourself and your team with vulnerability and empathy,” Hacia explains. All in all, the business world needs more individuals and companies like Hacia and Hacia Atherton International – especially in the post-COVID environment that sees slow growth and potential stagnation in several industries and global markets. To help tackle this, Hacia ensures her solutions are focused around positive psychology principles, as she moves on to explain. “After the pandemic people are very burnt out and have low positive energy. This is why are use positive psychology principles such as PERMA And self-determination theory to allow from mindset shift in my clients I work with them to see opportunity where there is challenges and sunshine where others may see shadows.” It probably goes without saying that Hacia practices what she preaches, in that the company culture is one defined by nourishment, empowerment and encouragement, as she moves on to discuss in more detail. “I believe in a very strong work life balance. This results in my employees being incredibly passionate and loyal and also having high levels of positive emotion which makes them extremely productive. I always hire new staff on potential they don’t necessarily need to have experience or extensive experience in any certain area if I can see potential and they have the right attitude and the right mindset that is positive then all other forms of more technical elements of their role can be trained.” All in all, it’s easy to see how Hacia has cultivated a potent reputation in the sphere, and why she was recognised in the programme. Combining a strong solution and ethos to the leadership coaching space, especially now when many in the business world are losing sight of the path, there are few options better equipped to drive results than Hacia Atherton International. Company Name: Hacia Atherton International Contact Name: Hacia Atherton, CEO and Founder Address: 3 Warson Pl, Alphington Vic 3078, Australia Web Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: (61) 4 04 811 084 Most Empowering Career Development Coach: Hacia Atherton – 2023