Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Sustainability has become a key sub-sector of the construction industry, defined by a host of incredible companies doing incredible things. 2ndDawn is one such company. Following the company’s success in the awards programme, we spoke with Founder David Mynott to find out how 2ndDawn has built is incredible reputation in the sphere. Best Emerging Sustainable Home Builder - Perth “Our biggest difference from other builders is simple. We build better homes.” 2ndDawn has thrived in the sustainability sector and looked to shift paradigms towards altogether better practices. After all, it’s no secret that many companies have entered the space to capitalise in the immense rise of interest in sustainable building options – creating an unfortune wealth of companies that fail to meet expectations or the mark. In this space, 2ndDawn has cultivated a strong presence through being able to, as David says, “build better homes,” before continuing to explain the company’s offerings in more detail. “2ndDawn is a sustainable home builder. We build homes out of carefully selected building materials that have sustainable qualities as well as recycle benefits. As well as out material selection we use solar passive design to enhance the quality of our homes. By using passive building principles we can reduce the need of heating and cooling our homes which in turn reduces the power needed and reducing the carbon needed to create the power. Finally we incorporate green technology. “Our clients are people who are conscious about making better choices for them, their family and the planet. The most common comment we get from our clients is “Finally we have found a builder that knows and understands how to build homes that are better”. Though our homes may cost more upfront than a project home builder our clients understand the long-term benefits of having a sustainable, passive home and are happy to pay for a better home.” While the team primarily focus on new builds – as it allows them full control over the process of integrating sustainable options - they are also happy to take on the creation of single dwellings like Granny Flats and extensions, for those that want to ensure those structures meet the highest standards in sustainability too. Through 2ndDawn’s comprehensive ‘3 Pillars of Building Better’, the company has ensured its process, operations, and approach follow its core ethos to deliver better houses than their competitors, as David continues. “We do this by using our 3 Pillars of Building Better. Pillar 1. Sustainable Materials 2. Passive Design 3. Green Technologies. There are no other builders that take these 3 considerations better than we do and that’s what makes 2ndDawn the builder of choice for your new sustainable home.” Saying all of that, and with consideration that the sustainability landscape is still in its relative infancy, there are a number of strong trends that are currently rocking the greater industry. Those looking to secure long-term success must adapt to these changes, or otherwise risk falling behind – and especially those looking to reinforce a foothold within sustainability. “There are three major trends in Australian Home Construction at the moment. One, homes costing too much to build. Two, homes taking too long to build, and three, homes needing to meet a higher level of energy rating (NatHERS) but failing to do so. 2ndDawn is tackling Jan23626 these three major issues head on. We have designed our homes to have optimal solar passive qualities, but we have also designed our homes to be easily manufactured. By moving the construction to be built offsite then erected onsite is reducing the time it takes to build as well as reducing the high labour cost it takes to build a traditional home. Our homes are also designed to meet a minimum of 8 Stars, well above the minimum of 7 Stars currently required by the National Home Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).” All in all, the future of 2ndDawn looks to capitalise on their pacesetting reputation through setting benchmarks for those looking to enter the space. There are few, after all, that can match its high standards and commitment to excellence, as David concludes. “The night is darkest before the new dawn. It is our belief that the building industry has come to the end of traditional building and has to take a giant leap into the future of new home building. We are excited to be at the for front of this change. By designing homes for manufacturing is key. But by incorporating those homes to be better for the environment will become a non-negotiable. The way 2ndDawn is building will become the new way to build homes and thus the Second Dawn of construction will be born.” Company Name:2ndDawn Website: www.2nddawn.comau Contact: David Mynott Contact Email: [email protected]