Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 As the global leader for waterproof underlayment systems, wedi sits in a unique position in the larger market and industry. Following its well-deserved success in the awards programme, we spoke with Director Peter Beckmann to find out more about its services and products. “Our overall mission is to deliver the highest quality of products with the most knowledgeable people in the field to make every wet room 100% waterproof and safe for the consumer.” Established in 1983 by Helmut Wedi, wedi has grown to be a goliath in its industry, growing through a two-pillared approach built on innovation and tradition. Because wedi understands its sphere better than any other businesses or individual on the global stage, and understands that much of its current position is down to solving the every day problems with quality systems that, simply, work. Here, Peter takes a moment to discuss the formation of the company and its current operations. “What began as a one-man operation in a garage is now a company with more than 500 employees operating in more than 50 countries. Our manufacturing is based in Germany, and we pride ourselves to innovate and make the industry better and safer every single day. While we might only operate in the B2B channel with our customers being larger stores such as Bowens or Mitre 10, we do pride ourselves on working together through every channel with the end user often the homeowner.” More than anything, wedi promises peace of mind through the strength of its product line and offerings. The reputation of the brand has, ultimately, been built through establishing a trusted system that exceeds all expectations. “With our quality promise, the end user has the security of being able to take a shower every morning with pleasure for many years without having to worry about leaks or mould. For the processor, quality means being sure that all wedi products are exactly matched to each other and form a dense and functioning whole,” Peter adds. But, despite the company’s significant presence, it understands that – to remain competitive – it must be innovative. Innovation defines the modern business world, and that’s certainly no different here. Peter explains how R&D reinforces wedi’s ethos and foundation. “One key element that has put us in the great position we are in today is to proactively work on visions that matters in an agile way. Think about this large ship that wants to make a U-turn, which takes a lot of power and time. We try to think of us being a small ship to manoeuvre and act quickly. This gave us a big leap in thinking outside of the box as time often is against us in the unprecedented time that COVID has brought to us. Furthermore, we do invest a big portion of our R&D to the future of tomorrow and everything that follows to the roadmap of a greener and carbon neutralised environment in the next decades.” “The key are our people behind the products. We at wedi are one large family and are always there from start to finish to help in each project, no matter how small or large it might be.” So, with all of that in mind, what does the future hold for wedi and Peter? “I do have a clear future vision for the wedi. It is from upmost importance that the inspiration and guidance towards a common goal will be successfully and sustainably achieved for the future. Following our core values of integrity and inclusiveness, we continuously develop our cornerstone for a revolutionising and innovative platform for the future.” Contact Details Company: wedi Australia Name: Peter Beckmann, Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 100 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009 Telephone: +61 437 678 459 Best Waterproof & Mold Proof Shower System Company 2023 Jan23654