Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mar22270 JMa na 2r 23 26 26 71 0 While we recognised Advocate Lawyers for its services within the family and estate law arenas, its expertise reaches far beyond those fields. Following its well-deserved success, we spoke to Principal Kelly Dewey to find out how it has built its impressive reputation in the highly competitive legal landscape. Ultimately, Advocate Lawyers was recognised for its peerless approach to serving clients when they are, potentially, at their most vulnerable - leading and guiding them through periods of immense upheaval and difficulty. Indeed, while much has been said about the criminal lawyers and the challenges they face doing their work, comparatively little attention is given to those working within family and estate law. That is absolutely a disservice to those experts and leaders working in the sector today. Located in Tasmania, Advocate Lawyers has specialised in a broad range of services that cater to a variety of client needs, from family law and estate administration to property and commercial law, as Kelly explains. “We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice and representation and are laser focussed on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. We are very customer focussed, and we don’t seek to push clients into legal actions just to push up our billables. Our aim is to help you through the legal process in the way that best suits you, and to keep costs down wherever we can. We offer a personalised professional service, that doesn’t expect clients to understand unintelligible ‘legalese’.” This is crucial to the firm’s ongoing success, after all, the legal industry can seem an overwhelming and intimidating space for those unused to its formalities and intricacies. Equally, while the industry has been somewhat resistant to change over its history, it is currently undergoing immense change on the back of a push towards digitisation. This is helping to best serve Advocate Lawyers’ interests, and plays perfectly into their approach: “The legal sector as with many professional services is continually evolving and modernising. Whilst some participants such as government departments are unable to easily leverage new technologies to streamline what they do. At Advocate Lawyers we use best practice technologies and innovative techniques to improve our services so we can save time, and pass on savings to our clients.” The external approach to client service is reflected in the internal culture of the firm, with cohesion, collaboration and creativity given space to flourish, as Kelly moves on to discuss. “We are very focussed on team culture at Advocate Lawyers. We want our staff to feel respected and supported so that they feel empowered to advocate for our clients in the most impactful way possible. Working in the legal industry can be hard and we do everything we can to make the experience as fulfilling, supportive and enjoyable as possible. Our staff have lives outside of work and we make sure that they are able to keep that balance between work and home. “We are always looking for skilled people who through their personal energy and work ethos add positively to team culture. We are privileged to have great people choose to work with us, and they deserve a great environment to do so.” With all these pieces in place, and the firm’s reputation only growing in light of their best in class approach, the future looks to be one of incredibly growth for Advocate Lawyers. “We are committed to growing our service to help more Australians, and whilst we don’t have anything we are ready to share right now – watch this space!” Company: Advocate Lawyers Name: Kelly Dewey (Principal) Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Family & Estate Law Firm - Tasmania