Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mar22270 JMa na 2r 23 27 21 79 0 Coldbuster Floor Heating (Coldbuster) is the leading supplier and installer of electric floor heating Australia-wide with more than 25 years’ worth of industry experience. We profile the firm as it celebrates success in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 and receives a prestigious accolade. Underfloor heating systems are rapidly increasing in popularity, both in commercial and residential buildings. These systems are ideal for fulfilling all heating requirements because of their high level of efficiency and low running costs, both of which are improved when used in combination with a programmable thermostat. This type of heating for your home has several advantages. There are many ways to make the most of this low-cost luxury, from warming the floor as you walk around your house to keeping your toes warm after you’ve taken a shower, with many people choosing to make it their primary source of house heating. For more than 25 years, Coldbuster Floor Heating has been providing the latest under floor heating technology to homeowners and trade members across Australia. Coldbuster stocks a comprehensive range of electric floor heating solutions for most floor surfaces including carpet, concrete, timber, and tile and it can provide the heating system as well as installing it, too. The in-depth user-friendly Coldbuster website has a large variety of smart and programmable underfloor heating with thermostat controls, with something to suit all homes and budgets. It also provides options for mirror demisters and heated towel rails that can be controlled with the same thermostats. Most commonly found in bathrooms and other wet rooms, traditionally, underfloor heating is a popular way for homeowners to maintain a consistently pleasant temperature throughout the home. Heated flooring is a viable alternative to other heating systems because it warms the entire room equally and effectively, as well as the floor. However, when deciding whether or not to opt for underfloor heating products in your house, it is important to know all of your options – including knowing all the different types of underfloor heating systems you can purchase. They may well all serve the same basic purpose, however different types of underfloor heating systems can be installed to provide a higher level of convenience, overall value, and comfort in a home. When stepping inside the bathroom during the winter, you won’t have to worry about your feet being cold on the tiles. Electric underfloor heating, the kind that Coldbuster specialises in, and hydronic underfloor heating (a water-based system) are the two most common kinds of such systems. They are also commonly referred to as “dry” and “wet” systems, respectively. Electric underfloor heating (dry) is powered through the home’s electrical system. These typically involve thin heating elements laid in the floor. In comparison to a waterbased system, this one is far more affordable as electric based floor heating needs no maintenance at all, unlike the hydronic, which needs regular services, preventive maintenance, and more. Unlike electric floor heating, hydronic heating has many moving parts to it. So, when it’s damaged, the repair is timeconsuming and expensive. The electric option is also very popular if you are not looking to upgrade the entire heating system in your home, but simply want to heat one room only. Because the components may all be installed separately from each other, the system can be set up in a single room with minimal disruption to the rest of the house. If the electric underfloor heating system gets damaged, it is quick and easy to fix only if you have the right equipment. The fully-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable floor heating specialists at Coldbuster are adept at using the fault finding equipment, plus the firm also stocks repair kits for every type of underfloor heating it sells. Recently, Coldbuster received high acclaim in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 and was bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Underfloor Heating System Provider - New South Wales. This award is proof of the firm’s dedication, commitment, and success over many years and it is looking forward to enjoying a bright future, as the demand for electric underfloor heating ‘heats up’! Company: Coldbuster Floor Heating Web Address: Best Underfloor Heating System Provider - New South Wales