Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mar22270 JMa na 2r 23 26 27 76 0 An events management company with a sustainable focus, Climate Wave Enterprises (Climate Wave) consists of a team of passionate educators who are eager to spread the word about protecting the environment and assist the community in doing so. Following the organisation being recognised in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023, we find out more from its owner. Climate Wave Enterprises p r o v i d e s sustainable event management systems and practices to events and businesses in order to minimise their impact and educate the community – all whilst working with the planet towards positive ethical, social, and environmental outcomes. “We believe in taking a circular economy approach to our events and ensuring that landfill impacts are at an absolute minimum,” explains Catherine Jackson, the firm’s owner. “We thrive on working and collaborating with others who care and protect the planet. Our vision is to provide a holistic recreational event experience that engages all stakeholders in a journey to reduce environmental impact whilst having fun.” Climate Wave Enterprises was initially established by Greg Howell who started to set the tone for the culture. He is a down to earth, silver surfer who practices what he preaches in regard to caring for the planet. Catherine took over the company after Greg retired to live the van life. She is a teacher and environmental educator who met Greg through volunteering with Surfrider Foundation and connected over their shared love for environmental activism and the war on waste. As a small team, Climate Wave likes to keep its operations local and strongly believes in building positive relationships within the team, as well as the community. It is this which sets the organisation firmly aside from competitors and helps it to differentiate itself. “We are not in this business for the money, but for the love of protecting the natural environment,” Catherine enthuses. “We absolutely love the work that we do. We get to meet great people, see amazing things, and feel like part of a bigger community. We are continually complimented and congratulated by the community for the work that we do, and that makes us feel pretty good!” Protecting the environment and living a more sustainable lifestyle is a hot topic and Catherine regularly notices new and emerging trends appearing within the industry. Recently, the single-use plastic ban has created an influx of compostable products which means that compostable food packaging is continuously improving. “With Australia now unable to export recycling for other countries to process, it is even more imperative that we are able to pivot and find creative local solutions for recycling,” she elaborates. “This includes soft plastic and cardboard. Part of our service is directly contacting all stakeholders before an event so there is total clarity on the expectations around the event in regard to sustainable practices.” As testament to the legacy that Greg left, and the stellar work that Catherine has done since, Climate Wave was recognised in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 and named Best Sustainable Event Management Agency – Queensland – a very prestigious and worthy accolade. Moving forward, the firm is growing and Catherine is on the lookout for new talent to join the team, especially those who have an authentic love for protecting the natural environment. As the role often involves a lot of community engagement and education about waste management, being confident is also a bonus. “When the community sees how much fun we have while doing our work, they are often quick to let us know they appreciate what we do,” enthuses Catherine. “We are so happy with what we already do as every little bit makes a difference. We plan on continuing on as normal, but always welcome new experiences and friends for us to work with!” Contact Details Contact: Catherine Jackson Company: Climate Wave Web Address: Best Sustainable Event Management Agency - Queensland