Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

green hydrogen company individually named in the recent federal budget, which provided support to LINE Hydrogen’s projects moving forward. It’s an extremely exciting time for the business! Contact Details Company: LINE Hydrogen (Australia) Email: [email protected] Web Address: LINE Hydrogen is building one of Australia’s first commercial-scale green hydrogen projects in George Town, Tasmania, to provide carbon-free fuel to the heavy transport industry in Australia, replacing imported diesel. We take a look around the company as we look to gain insight into what makes the business so successful. Most Innovative Future Energy Solutions - Queensland With its base in Australia, LINE Hydrogen is the only fully vertically integrated green hydrogen company in the country, and this has been a key factor in its success. The team are incredibly keen to shout about this fact as they believe it is what differentiates them from their competitors. Their services encompass hydrogen production, distribution, and even downstream utilisation. It’s not just the company’s external services and output that have seen LINE Hydrogen be recognised for providing the Most Innovative Future Energy Solutions in Queensland. The company also has an exquisite internal culture to which every single employee adheres to. The team are forwardthinking and proactive, they don’t sit on their laurels. When talking to the team, it is clear to understand why they have achieved success as a team, as they are always looking for the next big thing. All the experts within the company are moving forwards, looking to solve the unknown unknowns that are always presenting themselves within the industry. When it comes to energy and the constant need to find renewable sources, the team are always looking to identify new ways to provide energy solutions. Following on from discussing how the team are always looking for future ways to provide better solutions, the team always have their finger on the pulse regarding current trends also. Currently, there is a trend that has been led by the global response to man-made climate change which has developed and implemented practical zero-carbon options for the replacement of fossil fuels in the heavy transport industry. Regarding these changes, LINE Hydrogen and the team have adapted to these circumstances and trends. It shows just how far ahead of the trends they are. Their team are unique in the sense that they are a first mover in the Australian green Hydrogen industry. They have cemented themselves as a market leader and are now ahead of the curve. The team is now the first supplier of green Hydrogen in the heavy transport industry. It is no wonder that they are nationally and globally recognised. One thing that a business that has grown at the speed of LINE Hydrogen needs is to hire new employees. Whilst the internal team have the expertise and dedication to help the company excel, they do need more manpower. But when looking for new hires, the management team look for interviewees who possess a can-do attitude. They are looking for people who are willing to think outside the box and be problem solvers. What’s more, they also need to have confidence in their ideas and implement them to help the company and clients. The working environment is one where the leadership can question instilled ideas, even those people who are at the top, in order to come up with better solutions. The future of Hydrogen and energy looks incredibly bright; and green. Moving forwards, LINE Hydrogen want to continue Jan23785 to grow. They have a future vision which includes projects across Australia and the world. On that note, they want to deliver diesel replacing low-cost green Hydrogen for heavy transport. Following George Town, LINE Hydrogen plans to implement projects in South East Queensland, Central NSW, and the WA Goldfields, delivering into the WA gold mining industry. One thing that we simply have to mention is that LINE Hydrogen is central to driving the rapid rollout of the Australian Green Hydrogen industry. The award-winning company were the only