Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

A Sydney law firm located in Marrickville, CM Lawyers operates as a general legal practice covering a large spectrum of legal sectors. Principal solicitor and the firm’s namesake, Christine Manolakos tells us more in the wake of it winning an Australian Enterprise Award 2023. Best Conveyancing Experts - New South Wales Beginning life as a boutique law firm in Sydney’s thriving inner west, CM Lawyers has grown to become multicultural and diverse, understanding the needs and wants of the people it serves in the surrounding community. With a client-centric mindset, the firm’s core values revolve around providing an exceptional customer experience whilst accomplishing great results. Its team are experienced and skilled in navigating the NSW property market, as well as focusing on family, construction, and criminal law, as well as all aspects of will and estate law, too. Christine Manolakos is the firm’s principal solicitor and brings more than 20 years’ worth of experience, along with a wealth of knowledge, to the practice. Establishing her own practice in 1996, Christine and her husband, Alex Sapounas have been working together to provide the Marrickville community with practical, relevant, and winning legal advice ever since. “Being personal, direct, and accessible – we rate quality above quantity,” Christine enthuses. “We manage our caseload so we can give our clients the personal guidance they need and deserve. We don’t feel the need to be the largest law firm in town; our strengths are in our ability to be responsive and in step with our client’s legal requirements. We build relationships – and our relationships build our reputation.” Appearing in courts across Sydney, Christine’s practice has a long relationship with the Family Court both in Sydney and Parramatta, the Federal Magistrates Court, and various local courts. Christine is always up for a challenge, regularly attending seminars and training to keep abreast of the changing nature of the law. Fluent in Greek, with an associate solicitor in Greece, Christine is well-equipped for dealing with family or property matters amongst the Greek community. Christine also conducts talks and seminars for the elderly in the inner-west providing them with assistance in issues relating to wills, estates, and retirement law. As a highly functioning law firm, CM Lawyers stays on top of all trends and movements impacting the industry, such as studying new family legislation, staying ahead of property market changes and values, understanding the criminal system, and making sure that clients are well-represented and treated fairly – or watching changes in the construction sector during its times of great growth and terrible losses, and assessing how these changes affect clients. “We are there for all of it,” elaborates Christine. “Ensuring that we are able and ready to give our clients the very best guidance and representation.” CM Lawyer’s office environment is constantly flowing with vibrancy. With a string of loyal clients who have a wide variety of needs across multiple areas of the law, the pace is fast, the execution is deliberate, and the dedication is limitless. “We tend to attract staff members who are capable of keeping up with the workflow and can thrive in being selfguided – we empower them to do what needs to be done,” Jan23232 Christine says, speaking of her dedicated workforce. “We are, at our core, a family-run law firm, and our heart is to build with people; we mentor our newer staff and pour our soul into our team, knowing that as we build them, our team builds us.” Recently, Christine and the team at CM Lawyers were recognised in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 and named Best Conveyancing Experts - New South Wales. Understandably delighted by this achievement, Christine is now looking to expand the team and has exciting opportunities for potential new staff members in the year ahead. “Our intention is to grow with intention to ensure we continue to provide the very best service to our clients,” she states. “In 2023, we are bringing in new staff and expanding to a second location in the Sydney area. This is all very exciting for us and we are looking forward to moving into a new year, focused on building the best team of people offering the best representation to all of our clients – now and in the future.” Contact Details Contact: Christine Manolakos Company: CM Lawyers Web Address: