Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Feb22538 N P Financials has cultivated a potent reputation in the greater trading industry for its multi-tiered expert services. Following its success in the awards programme, we spoke with Director Partha Banerjee to find out more about their offerings, ethos and approach. Impressively, N P Financials has built its reputation over just 7 years through providing best in class prop trading options for its clients, alongside comprehensive trader training that has distinguished the company in what is, by every consideration, a highly competitive environment. To begin, Partha offers more insight into N P Financials specific areas of expertise, “Today, N P Financials is Australia’s #1 Prop Trading Firm regulated by Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). We have our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). We provide both Training and Funding to Forex, Shares, Commodities, Indices and Crypto Traders. “We help Traders to overcome the biggest obstacle of all- they face in the form of not having enough Trading Capital. Our Trader Auditions are designed to find good risk managed Traders and fund them through the industry leading single stage with no maximum days to pass, evaluation programs.” Through careful nurturing of its trader network, N P Financials cater to all traders interested in ‘levelling up’ their careers through ongoing training and support. Here, Partha continues, explaining the firm’s credentials and process. “After passing the Audition, they will be a NPF Funded Trader and Trade our Company’s Capital starting from US $25,000 to US $1.925 Million. Traders keep 70% of Profit. Since their inception, N P Financials has been a pioneer in Trader Training & Funding in Australia and has provided training to thousands of aspiring traders worldwide. They have introduced revolutionary advanced trading concepts. “We have an extremely high rate of retention in our Trading ecosystem. This means, clients who start with us, stay with us. Our Trade Signals have collected 53,358 points from the Markets in the last 70 months which equals to 762 average points per month and 88 average Pips per Trade. The Market analysis we do beforehand, comes true in the future very high percentage of time.” Let’s talk some more about that training process in particular. Getting into the trading industry is challenging, and requires a drive towards constant betterment. Equally, it’s also a climate with vast differences when it comes to quality of training and legitimacy. Traders can rest easy knowing the N P Financials has made an indelible mark on the greater landscape through adherence to the highest of standards, as Partha discusses. “Choosing the right trader training institute is crucial for your trading success. We are a credible, well established prop firm offering trader training and prop trading since 2016. We offer 100% transparency, 18/7 support through email, live chat, phone, WhatsApp, messenger, SMS, telegram and Discord”. Perhaps most telling is the 93% customer satisfaction score, and plethora of positive Google and Trustpilot reviews that act as testament to the quality of the training provided by N P Financials. With all of this in mind, it’s to be expected that N P Financials has a strong ethical centre and internal culture that prioritizes and rewards honesty and integrity. “In the pressure-cooker world of Forex trading, N P Financials stands out for bucking conventional wisdom and taking an ethical approach to doing business. Choosing quality over quantity every time has been our ethos since day one - a refreshing change from chasing money or recognition at any cost. “N P Financials is a workplace based on trust, integrity, and growth. Here, staff members are selected for their unwavering honesty, genuine commitment to success and upbeat attitudinal approach – all of which have been key in helping us reach new heights as an organization! We take the utmost pride in our rigorous hiring process that brings us only those with a strong sense of trustworthiness, an ambition to grow, insight into what it takes for success and an upbeat outlook.” In regards to the future, N P Financials is looking to maintain its high standards and ethos to drive towards further growth moving forwards. “Our company is striving to reach the top, aiming for glory as a world-leading provider of trader training, funding, and innovative trade ideas. The future looks brighter than ever!” Company: N P Financials Name: Partha Banerjee, Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: https:// Address: Level 3, 2 Brandon Park Drive, Wheelers Hill, Victoria 3150, Australia Telephone: +61 3 9790 6476 Best Regulated Prop Trading Firm 2023 - Australia Jan23117