Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 As APAC Insider’s ‘Best Property Investment Advisory Firm’ in Queensland, Abundance Financial Services Pty Ltd (Abundance Financial) has nurtured an incredible reputation for providing tailormade services to its clients. We sat down with Managing Director Angela Del Marco to find out more. “This is very much a team award including our very important referrers who bring us clients with requirements and financial shortcomings and problems that we need to solve.” Abundance Financial operates in a challenging arena that demands expertise. Anything less, and enduring success becomes impossible, and – worse - clients move elsewhere to find results. Perhaps most indicative of Abundance Financial’s peerless reputation and approach is that, at present, it only accepts new clients from referrals of existing clients – so exacting, resultsdriven, specialised, and in demand are its services. Here Angela explains this approach in more detail. “Our past clients are the bulk of our new business which reinforces the successful and unique way we deliver our services for our clients provides the quality outcomes they are seeking. Our ‘ideal’ client is someone with at least 40% ownership of their a piece of real estate and ideally a minimum of 10 years in the workforce.” With a focus on investment property lending, Abundance Financial has honed itself to serving the best interests of its clientele, adapting to their individual needs and requirements. Throughout it all, the company ensures the client is put front and centre of the process, with all decisions being made to better the client’s financial situation. This is vital to the company’s success – helping people to navigate an often confusing industry with dexterity and practised ease. “Some people fall into the trap of the best loan for now, whereas we take a much longer-term view about the next property acquisition and obtaining that lending and enabling our clients (of course subject to credit policy, credit worthiness) to continue to grow their asset base. We take great care in giving ‘parameters’ to those who provide the investment properties for our clients to invest in. eg we need ABC in order to achieve xyz goal, for example we need a yield of not less than X in order that objective Y will be met within an estimated and agreed time period. Our clients get access to a system enabling them to invest and spend the money before they actually invest in anything. This enables them to try before they buy and therefore invest with more confidence than without our system,” Angela adds. “At our very core is Abundance for all, in every aspect of our lives.” It perhaps goes without saying that the care and attention that Abundance Financial utilises externally originates from the care and attention it nurtures internally, with the culture being defined by “love and support”. Angela continues from there. “I believe that if we cannot love and support our co-workers then we have absolutely no place in attempting to provide a suitable financial outcome for a perfect stranger. Our team show a genuine care and concern for our clients and each of use treats money as if it’s our own. Health and fitness is another key component and on most mornings come rail hail or shine most of us will be out running walking or swimming starting the day with fresh air and nature. Oh, and we are all huge animal lovers as well. Our fur babies are very, very spoilt (as all fur babies should be) There is also a sense of competition in our workplace. Not with one another but with ourselves to be constantly looking at and improving ourselves each and every day. “The existing team have influence over new team member selection, and also when we hire. It’s a very inclusive environment. We all work together. No-one works for me – we all work for the correct outcome for the customer.” Moving forwards, Abundance Financial is looking at tackling a pervasive issue that affects all markets – the lack of education around money, in general. Across all cultures and locations. “We would love to develop a system where kids can learn more about money (as it’s all very virtual now) and invest and see the results. As money is not dollars and cents as it was when I was learning, the value of a dollar I think is critical. Further we are developing a reward program for our clients.,” Angela concludes. Contact Details Company: Abundance Financial Services Pty Ltd Name: Angela Del Marco, Managing Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 11/ 475 Scottsdale Drive Varsity Lakes QLD 4220 Telephone: 0413 774 244 Best Property Investment Advisory Firm – Queensland Jan23186