Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 Founded in 2003 in Sydney, Ai-Media has grown from humble beginnings to become the world’s leading captioning and translation provider. Here’s why they’ve been nominated as Australia’s Best Captioning & Translation Solutions Provider of 2023. Live captions and translation are in demand like never before. Whether for a virtual meeting, event, TV broadcast or live stream, organizations are increasingly seeking multilingual captions not only to ensure accessibility and inclusivity, but also enhance the viewer experience. Ai-Media is leading the way in delivering these benefits to organizations worldwide. After spending its formative years providing accessibility solutions for the Deaf and hard-ofhearing, the company is today the world’s leading captioning technology and solutions provider, delivering multilingual captions to the world’s biggest brands. And it continues to revolutionize captioning with innovative solutions powered by AI. LEXI – The World’s Leading Automatic Captions Ai-Media’s LEXI is one such revolutionary solution. Powered by AI, it delivers real-time automatic multilingual captions that achieve accuracy, latency and reliability rivalling those generated by humans. This is a gamechanger for many organizations, who previously balked at the idea of providing accessibility due to the prohibitive costs of humangenerated captions. With Lexi, the accessibility and inclusivity visions of many organizations are now an affordable reality. The Technology to Caption Anything Captioning solutions like LEXI, however, don’t operate in a vacuum. The technology needed to deliver captions to screens is a critical necessity. And what makes Ai-Media stand out from the competition – and has seen them nominated for this award – is their caption delivery technology. This technology stack gives Ai-Media the truly unique capability to live caption or translate anything – whether a virtual meeting, a content streaming platform, a parliamentary session, or an instadium display. Customers can seamlessly add LEXI automatic captions to their video streams via Ai-Media’s range of caption encoders. And thanks to AiMedia’s iCap Cloud Network – the world’s largest caption delivery network – they can securely project captions onto any screen in the globe. The Know-How to Service Complex Demands The advanced AI capabilities of LEXI, paired with Ai-Media’s world-leading caption delivery technology, has made live multilingual captioning easy and affordable for thousands of organizations worldwide. But AiMedia’s true X factor is its extensive captioning and engineering talent, which allows them to meet complex, often demanding customer requirements. Live multilingual captions aren’t always top of mind for many organizations, and as such, they often only realize their necessity at the last minute, like for instance, just prior to an event or conference. Ai-Media’s technical team is distinguished for its ability to meet complex setup requirements with little prep time. Without Ai-Media’s technical knowhow, many of the world’s biggest events, conferences and live streams would be inaccessible to many. But the bread and butter for AiMedia’s technical team is making captioning easy for broadcast giants and government entities whose content is viewed by millions. Australia’s Nine Network and Seven Network are reliably captioned thanks to Ai-Media’s technical knowhow, which allows them to avoid significant costs, manual work and ensure accessibility of the highest quality. A Technology Company Driven by Inclusive Ideals While Ai-Media is now the world’s leading caption technology company, delivering solutions that are revolutionizing the industry, they haven’t lost sight of their roots providing accessibility to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. The company remains committed to achieving that same vision its founders imagined all those years ago – to make the world’s content accessible for everyone. And with the AI-powered technology Ai-Media is pioneering today, this vision has never been more attainable. Contact Details Contact: Alec Downs Email: [email protected] Website: Best Captioning & Translation Solutions Provider 2023 - Australia Feb23008