Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 7 excellence that pervades every level of its operation, complying with the strictest of Management System Standards at every turn; this has allowed for the most rigorous research and heritage management to be completed under its watch. Fundamentally, by ensuring everything is taken care of to this level of excellence, Comber Consultants can ensure workplace safety, productivity and a pro-active approach. This pertains to both staff health and environmental management, as well as the provision of archaeological and cultural heritage management solutions. Looking after both through strict planning that includes ongoing training, education, and resource provision to all involved, applying waste minimisation protocols in the process and working with – as well as for – its clients. All of this, combined with their excellence in cultural heritage management, has set Comber Consultants apart from its peers, and all of these elements are things it will be continuing to improve and offer as it moves into 2022, excited to see what new discoveries will be coming to light over the coming year. Company: Comber Consultants Contact: Jillian Comber Website: Best Cultural HeritageManagement Specialists 2022