Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

62 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 For premiumwood fired products, JAGRDWood Fired is the clear choice. Indeed, the awardwinning company has made waves across the globe, becoming an industry leader in its home country, Australia. Fromgrills to smokers, and rotisseries to accessories, JAGRDWood Fired has everything you need for the perfect barbeque experience. JAGRD Wood Fired’s story begins just over 12 years ago. Inspired by the nostalgia of an Australian barbeque and wood-fired food, its original 2010 incarnation came in the form of JAGRD Wood Fired Pizza. For over four and a half years, the owners traversed the Australian landscape, venturing from Victoria all the way to Kununurra and back down to Albany, providing locals with delicious dishes. People began to ask ‘how?’ Therefore, in 2014, after extensive designing and research, JAGRD Wood Fired was born. Its first product, the JAGRD Oven-Smoker, quickly proved to be popular. After all, as the company states, ‘There’s no better way to bring the family together than with a succulent roast, low and slow smoked meats, or delicious pizzas.’ Simply, the best way to spice up an event – be it a barbeque, a birthday party, or a family gathering – is with tantalising, home-cooked food. The company’s handmade and entirely bespoke products are the perfect addition to both gardens and restaurants, creating unbeatable and unique flavours that are sure to wow. Over the years, JAGRD Wood Fired’s range has grown exponentially, introducing a plethora of award-winning products to the general public. From custom built grills to pizza ovens, the company caters to a wide audience, creating diverse products to suit a range of budgets. For example, its pizza (multi) ovens come in two different styles – the “Black Beauty” BBQ Smoker – Wood Fired Oven (2 shelf) for 4,746.15 AUD and the JAGRD “Stretch” Smoker (3 shelf) for 5,222.55 AUD. These ovens come equipped with stainless steel shelves, two cooking levels, an accurate temperature gauge, and lockable caster wheels. Moreover, the company’s website showcases a range of recipes suitable for your new product. Indeed, be it pulled lamb or three-ingredient shortbread, JAGRD Wood Fired has something available that is sure to get your mouth watering. The recipes are quick and simple – perfect for the next family barbeque, or simply, for your own pleasure. Either way, the generous and diverse supply spans across starters, mains, and desserts, and are perfect for even the fussiest of eaters. In turn, it should serve as no surprise that the company has received numerous positive reviews – including one from the esteemed podcast host, Ben Arnot. Paul and Kris Woodhams comment, ‘We have both the Black Beauty and Baby Gravity Fed. Hands down the best built, highest performing smokers that we have ever used. Glenn and Jules provide the highest level of personalised service both on purchase and after-sales. Truly first-class smokers with A1 service!!Happy forever with our JAGRD smokers!!’ Of course, such gleaming testimonies are further backed up by the numerous awards the company has received. The company has a busy year ahead as alongside promoting its new releases, it will be appearing at numerous events. In March, JAGRD Wood Fired will be showcasing its skills at the KCBS Competition BBQ Masterclass. Further, May this year will see the company attend a second masterclass, and in June it will be in attendance at the Bakers Mega Meat Up. Contact: Julie-ann Tindal-Davies Company: JAGRD Wood Fired Web Address: Best Outdoor Cooking Equipment Brand 2022 & Design Innovation Award 2022