Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

6 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 , with extensive experience in the field provide specialist field and supervisory skills to manage and direct fieldwork. Comber Consultants has a commitment to Aboriginal education and employment. 50% of its staff are Aboriginal and Comber Consultants provides cadetships for Aboriginal people to study archaeology. Currently two staff, one male and one female are studying archaeology whilst gaining experience in the field during university holidays. Another Aboriginal staff member is a qualified archaeologist having studied archaeology as a cadet with Comber Consultants. The Comber Consultants’ team includes professionally qualified archaeologists, historians, architects, anthropologists and specialist photographer. In addition, members of the Comber Consultants team hold the following accreditations: current Senior First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation, WH&S General Induction White Cards, Manual Handling Training, Confined Spaces Training, and Certificate IV in Assessment and Training. They are multiskilled, multi-talented, and all bonded by a dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. Its maritime archaeologist possesses the ADAS certified occupational diver certification, the ADAS certified occupational dive supervisor accreditation for onshore work, nitrox diver licence, coxswain certificate. This allows Comber Consultants to work alongside its clients in a manner that is holistic and compatible with all local and national regulations. Complying with statutory requirements, codes, standards, and guidelines, within archaeology and cultural heritage management, as well as environmental, health and safety codes it sets up objectives and targets with the aim of maintaining quality and eliminating work related incidents in all relevant operational areas, defining the roles undertaken by each member of the project team so that everyone knows what they’re doing. Additionally, with its integrated management system, things become even easier still. Comber Consultants’ management system is certified for quality, safety, and environmental management, with its archaeological and heritage activities being conducted within this certified system under the requirements of ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environment), ISO45001 (safety). This is assures clients that Comber Consultants is committed to excellence, quality, and best practice and are regularly subjected to rigorous, independent assessments to ensure that we comply with stringent Management System Standards. After all, for the best research and heritage management to be carried out, the team must first be sure of the health and safety policies in place for both themselves and the environment they’re working within. This system keeps track of all factors at play during a project, from measurable objectives to regular target reviews that keeps everyone on track and motivated. This high level of external oversight has allowed it to cultivate high levels of trust with its clients, resulting in a commitment to Dr Jillian Comber and heritage architect, Patrick O’Carrigan reviewing plans.