Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

56 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 GGG Real Estate is a luxury residential real estate agency that spawns fromSydney, Australia. Notable for its dedication to customer service, its highly-professional team, and its magnificent portfolio, it should serve as no surprise that the company has dominated the industry. Specialising in luxury real estate is no easy feat, especially in a highly sought-after location like Sydney. However, GGG Real Estate has not only thrived in, but has taken over the Sydney real estate market. Offering both rental properties and homes for sale, GGG Real Estate has cultivated a diverse portfolio, including residences in high-rise buildings and six-bedroom houses. Indeed, opulence lies at the very heart of the agency, infusing the choices it makes when selecting properties for clients. Be it a house with an ocean view or a flat surrounded by the bustling city, GGG Real Estate has something perfect for each and every client. Yet the company is also excellent to sell with – it wholeheartedly understands the importance of knowledge, trust, and negotiation skills, utilising such traits when dealing with the sale of a property. In addition, it is notable for its willingness to exceed each client’s expectations and, subsequently, the desire to provide them with the confidence that its team will garner desirable results. The true force within GGG Real Estate is its team – a close-knit ensemble of intelligent individuals who want nothing more than to deliver outstanding results for their clients. Working together on each property, the team displays a devotion to collaboration, viewing it as an opportunity to further the development of its communication skills. Furthermore, the company sees the value in building a team that works effectively, promptly, and in a client-centric manner. Henceforth, GGG Real Estate pushes its team to prioritise the client, with its overarching goal being to provide an unwavering commitment to character, hard work, and knowledge. Consequently, this attitude guides the company’s recruitment process, in which it searches for people that will complement its vibrant and supportive culture. In essence, it hopes to find recruits that embody the company’s mission – simply, those that truly understand hard work and customer service. In turn, GGG Real Estate offers an exciting workplace. One where no two days are the same. Additionally, it provides a responsive network that has been designed to supply support, advice, and guidance. Of course, the team has been the primary reason behind the company’s success. They remain with the client throughout the sales process, acting as the first point of contact for any queries or issues that may arise. After all, the selling and buying processes often come along with unforeseen complications or hindrances. GGG Real Estate’s staff are exceptional when it comes to ironing out these issues – often spotting them before they arise – and streamlining the process. This approach has made the company popular amongst its clients, resulting in glowing reviews across the internet. Featuring on RateMyAgent, a website for clients to detail their experiences with estate agents across Australia, the company has acquired a five-star rating. As such, this reflects GGG Real Estate’s dedication to the customer experience. The company has been described as ‘informative and helpful’ and ‘considerate,’ with one customer commenting, ‘Michelle has been very helpful in the process of the purchasing. She was quick at getting back with necessary information requested by us, sometimes event late at night. With regards of our request in settlement details, she was able to assist us to negotiate with the owner and the final result was satisfactory for both parties.’ Contact: Michelle Chen Phone: +61412623168 Company: GGG Real Estate Web Address: Best Luxury Residential Real Estate Agency - Sydney Real Estate