Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

52 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 The art world has changed dramatically over the years, with the most recent developments seeing the industry transition to online sources. Artsite Contemporary acts as a hybrid, independent, contemporary gallery, that can be found both online and at a brick-and-mortar location. Displaying some of Australia’s best up-and-coming artists, the gallery serves as a bustling hub for the exhibition and purchasing of art. Art is the heartbeat that infuses culture – it tells stories, bleeds into personal and political realms, and can act as a document that captures its era. Indeed, art boasts an enormous impact on society, be it Picasso or Banksy or an unknown artist, each piece holds value. Not only monetarily but also in terms of memory, inspiration, and emotion. Artsite Contemporary is an independent Australian Contemporary Art Gallery that is devoted to providing a place for art to thrive. Moreover, it upholds high standards of ethics, integrity, and sustainable practices in the Australian primary art market. With galleries located in Sydney and online, Artsite Contemporary offers an accessible way for admirers to get closer to art, and a vibrant place for artists to exhibit their pieces. Consequently, Artsite Contemporary is accredited for Best Practice in Artist Relationships by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) and is a member and signatory of the Indigenous Art Code of Australia, Commercial Code of Conduct for ethical practice. Opening its doors in 1994, the company drew from numerous inspirational sources, including the renowned Anne Von Bertouch OAM. Von Bertouch was an author, adventurer, and gallery director of the Von Bertouch Galleries in Newcastle, Australia. Further, as an arts professional, Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano, the company’s director and curator, has had many experiences, both positive and negative, with exhibiting galleries in Australia. Such experiences have informed how the company has developed over the years, forging it into the leading independent gallery it is today. One of the primary causes behind the company’s success lies in its dedication in finding a niche and filling it. Artsite Contemporary is nestled in the gap between large privately financed commercial Galleries, government supported initiatives, and rental spaces. Henceforth, it is the epicentre of a new wave of Australian art. In essence, Artsite Contemporary plays a key role in developing sustainable exhibition business practice for artists by promoting the purchase of Australian made artwork through a strong curatorial approach in the creation of sustainable career opportunities. Of course, this has proven to be an exceptional benefit during a great period of change for the art industry. In spite of a push towards digital art and exhibitions, the ‘brick and mortar’ gallery has seen a revival in recent years, serving as an excellent platform for developing an artist’s profile, value, and credibility. Furthermore, this importance has surged postCovid, as more artists and art collectors strive for credibility and value. For example, the rebirth of art fairs – both in Australia and internationally – has sparked exponential growth within the industry, especially for physical galleries. None of this would be possible without the gallery’s highly professional team. At Artsite Contemporary, there is great value placed upon the experience and professionalism of its artists and staff. It encourages and mentors its staff, pushing them to achieve both business and their personal goals. Additionally, they are trained in the development of client relationships, which involves encouraging upskilling and developing responsibility as their roles evolve. As a gallery, it is imperative that it views its artists as members of the team. It takes on an interactive role, supplying mentoring, advice, and assistance within professional profile development and their responsibilities as an artist. The company has an incredibly busy year ahead – for one, Artsite Contemporary is partnering with the global Artsy Gallery platform, which will promote further recognition of the quality of its represented artists. The gallery itself will be continuing to explore its hybrid approach to the exhibition and buying of art, ensuring that both artists and collectors have a positive experience. Contact: Madeleine TuckfieldCarrano Company: Artsite Contemporary Web Address: Best Contemporary Gallery 2022 Installation View: Gallery_1: Curators Selection (Group exhibition) Gallery_2: John Edwards Trackers (Solo Exhibition) Artworks shown © Judy Trick, © Debra West, © John Edwards - All rights reserved. (Image Photographer: Artsite Imaging.) Courtesy Artsite Contemporary, Australia