Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 49 , The world of social care requires an approachwith a specialist touch. The teambehind Datanova Cloud Pty Ltd have made their name in offering truly exceptional software solutions that stand apart from the crowd. In APAC Insider’s Australian Enterprise Awards 2022, the teamachieved incredible success. We dig a little deeper to discover more about how they did it. Datanova has become a name synonymous with Australian service providers, with their incredible cloud-based software solutions offering extraordinarily effective compliance in a sector where mistakes cannot be allowed to happen. The team’s software, Flowlogic, offers a sophisticated cloud solution that improves business outcomes and operates effectively to meet the government requirements and Best NDIS & Aged Care Software Provider 2022 regulatory compliance. The success of the business comes from its focus on ease-of-use systems that facilitate profitable growth whilst delivering a service without high admin fees. It takes more than technical knowledge, however, to get the best results from software. The Datanova team has thrived because they understand the individual needs of their clients within this specific industry. For the team at Datanova, clients are not people to sell a product to but partners to work alongside. Through collaboration, the team have been able to broaden their scope, not only offering Flowlogic, but a client portal in the form of Flowpoint. This allows thorough engagement which permits the team to refine and improve the current software. Working as part of the Flowlogic family has been the key to creating the best industry solution. Datanova has come onto the market as a lot of technological developments have occurred. Many businesses have come to depend on online platforms in order to streamline their processes. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this process, but it has also decreased the opportunity for face-to-face training in the onboarding process. To counter this, the team has introduced various online webinars, essentially making this process completely contactless. Having this new-found flexibility has been key to the team’s continued success. The strength of the team comes from its pioneering spirit, constantly pushing forward into new and bold territory. Every member of staff is able to demonstrate boundless drive. Every single employee brings something unique to the table which can support their clients. This has led to an approach to customer service which is second to none. Needless to say, the decision to extensively train new employees in how the Flowlogic software works is key to this success, as it means that they understand it deeply. Looking ahead, the future is incredibly positive for this astonishing team. Their attitude has secured their place as one of the foremost authorities when it comes to providing software solutions in a niche market. They thrive because they understand deeply what their customers want. To this end, the team’s aims are to continue engaging with customers to produce quality systems that align with everchanging government standards. In this way, they will continue to be a vital resource when it comes to achieving optimal business results. As technology continues to open up new opportunities to the team, the Datanova crew are certain to develop the way in which they work. Their success has come from finding methods of supporting their clients both in terms of compliance and in terms of business acumen. With such success behind them, we’re sure to see new triumphs for the team over the coming months and years. Company: Datanova Cloud Pty Ltd Name: Christian Krauter Email: Christian.krauter@ Web Address: Feb22211