Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 47 , The teamat Fricken loves chicken – always has and always will. Fricken is a small family business with a passion for cooking (and eating) amazing food. It is young, energetic and excited about great quality fried chicken, and believes that good food brings people together and loves sharing its food and unique energy with Canberra. Fricken’s secret recipe is inspired by the owners, Marwan andMomother’s famous fried chicken, developed at home and loved bymany friends and family before the business began. Being a family business, Fricken’s very strong focus on customer service stems from being a hospitable household. There is a personal attachment to a recipe before it becomes part of the restaurant and brand, with its team always invested in ensuring the best possible food is delivered to customers each time. Only the best and freshest ingredients are used, including fresh oil which is regularly filtered and replaced. This in turn provides a crisp, golden brown coating on the chicken which makes it irresistible. Fricken’s food is cooked to order and it does not cook in mass batches to be stored under a warmer. This provides customers with an excellent crunch and juicy Best Casual Dining Experience - Canberra chicken that is piping hot. Fricken is a restaurant that prides itself on being inclusive, especially for people with allergies and food dietary requirements. The team has put a lot of effort into creating a great selection of flavoursome, quality vegetarian and vegan options. Additionally, Fricken has released a gluten-free range of fried chicken boxes and burgers which has gone viral, as many people with coeliac disease will never have tried fried chicken because it is traditionally made from wheat flour – so the restaurant has developed a new blend suitable for coeliacs. This is of course cooked in a dedicated fryer and prepared in a designated area with special utensils used with strict handling procedures to ensure no cross-contamination occurs. Fricken owner, Mo Saad commented, “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it is extremely rewarding hearing people being able to enjoy food they have never had before.” Fricken treats its staff like family, with everyone looking out for each other – especially during the pandemic, when many staff would have gone through challenges on a personal level. The company ensured it regularly engaged with staff and checked in on them to offer any support they needed. It also regularly seeks feedback and suggestions from staff, along with sharing its vision and upcoming projects, upgrades, and menu changes. Staff are then involved in the process and have confidence that they can be heard and feel like they are a part of it all. This is while maintaining a high standard, from produce selection to cleanliness and ultimately to a great product and experience. With regards to adding new staff members to its team, Fricken has multiple avenues for recruitment advertisement, first of which is its current staff network where it often asks its existing staff if they know of anyone who is looking for a job and would be suitable for the available role. Hiring a known entity is extremely valuable as there is immediate established trust as well as a strong team chemistry before they even start their first shift. The second avenue is via its social network; advertising that a position is vacant with the job description and conditions. This often attracts people who are already familiar with the brand so they have an interest in upholding its reputation. Experience is not always necessary, as long as there is a willingness to learn and a strong positive attitude. Specific skills can be taught and the individual can grow on the job. Fricken is currently undergoing a fit-out upgrade to provide a nice welcoming experience for the customer. Once complete, there will be a new menu released with exciting dishes and drinks on offer. As for the mobile catering side of things, the company has big plans for 2022, given the easing of restrictions and return of public events – You’ll see the Fricken food truck out and about more often! Fricken would also like to expand its operation to multiple locations, so stay tuned for big announcements coming soon. Company: Fricken Contact: Mo Saad Email: [email protected] Website: Jan22296