Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 45 , Recognised as the Best Boutique Specialist Legal Practice, TheMumpreneur Lawyer was established to support mum start-ups and help themprotect their business from legal riskwith personalised legal packages. For TheMumpreneur Lawyer, the innate mission is to ensure that mums in Australia start up their businesses with proper legal protections in place so that they can focus onwhat’s important- building the business of their dreams. For Davina BorrowJones, Founder and Solicitor of The Mumpreneur Lawyer, the company was launched from the inspiration of the many women she had come across in life. Unfortunately, these women were powerless to find quality and reasonable legal expertise. They had experienced lawyers who were incapable of rendering complex legal subjects into an understandable and straightforward form for individual clients. Thus, these clients were left to have expensive and emotionally draining legal battles in court. Davina expands on this by stating, “I knew if I could provide simple, affordable, flexible legal solutions for women at the start-up stage, they would be empowered for the future success of their businesses. I love hearing other women’s journeys and helping them build their dream.” At The Mumpreneur Lawyer, Davina and her experienced staff members offer a uniquely high level of professionalism mixed with a genuine care and understanding for personal sensitivity, which is why the company is well regarded within the industry. The Mumpreneur Lawyer provide transparent services with a compassionate undertone that ultimately sets the business apart from other competitors within the Best Boutique Specialist Legal Practice 2022 Australian area and from within the industry. Davina adds to this, stating, “Our firm quickly adopts new technology and is constantly improving the client experience. As a result, we often receive a ‘wow’, and new clients become repeat clients, making legal simple and sometimes even fun for clients. With flexible appointments, fixed costs, and real listening skills at the heart of what we do, our firm is always the best option for Mum start-ups.” Due to the offset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many small law firms had no choice but to adapt and develop their practice to involve an online environment to keep up with trends, client requirements and relevancy within Australia’s marketplace. However, because The Mumpreneur Lawyer was set up exceptionally well prior to the pandemic, the business was essentially in a perfect position to capitalise on the opportunities that arose and benefited significantly. Davina includes a brief comment to this, expanding on the future of the digitalisation of the industry, stating, “Despite the Australian legal industry’s slow uptake; the enhancement of legal technology and opportunities for client relationships online will ensure the growth of the online law firm.” Moreover, what sets the company apart is that there is no hierarchy within the firm, as each person is highly valued for their incredible contributions and unique skill sets that aid in the business’s success and in achieving customers’ goals – exceeding expectations daily. Davina depicts the employees and the internal culture of the workplace, describing the environment and what the company looks for when hiring new members, stating, “We only have people that are highly motivated, engaged, and demonstrate enjoyment for their work. Our staff are mostly Mums who work flexibly around their families. At The Mumpreneur Lawyer, we look first at people that align with our values of growth, harmony, integrity, compassion and fun. As a firm, we focus on individuals who know how to care for others well, and how to balance priorities and of course, high quality of work is essential.” For the future of The Mumpreneur Lawyer, the firm is headed for exceptional growth as the trend of women starting up their own businesses is booming and continues to thrive in Australia and across the globe. Recognised as Best Boutique Specialist Legal Practice in Australia, The Mumpreneur Lawyer is breaking through traditional boundaries, changing the innovative world, one woman at a time. Company Name: The Mumpreneur Lawyer Contact Name: Davina BorrowJones Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Jan22435