Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 43 , For nearly two decades, Cosmic Cocktails & Events has been run by a husband-and-wife team, established as Perth’s first mobile Cocktail Bar, and accredited for being the Best Mobile Cocktail Bar. The company offers various services and products from slushy and popcornmachines, jukeboxes, chocolate fountains and catering to bar packages and a gelato cart. For 18 years, Clint and Tanya have been offering customers a unique experience for parties or events, all whilst providing the best customer service in the industry. Cosmic Cocktails & Events began as Mobile Cocktail Bars and Slushy Machines, and with its success, the husband and wife team Clint and Tanya purchased a kitchen to offer their own catering. From there, the duo became Cosmic Cocktails and Catering. As Clint runs the business, provides the deliveries, and works the events, his wife Tanya is able to look after all the catering and baking of the cakes. Now, trading as Cosmic Cocktails & Events, the two are able to provide customers everything from cocktail tables, chairs, and stools, illuminated furniture to an illuminated doughnut wall, which can hold 300 doughnuts. Essentially, the establishment runs as a one-stop-shop for all party and entertaining needs. The company’s success is heavily connected to its range of services and products combined with the staff’s determination to provide an exceptional experience. Best Mobile Cocktail Bar - Perth Clint Gurney, co-owner of the establishment, adds to this, stating, “We follow the belief that you are only as good as your last event, and we strive for perfection for each customer. Because of our range of products and services, we have not pigeonholed ourselves - yes, we offer catering, but we often work with other caterers. Yes, we offer bar services, but we have worked with other bar companies. We are suppliers to some of the biggest venues in Perth because of our reliability, quality of products and dedication to the hospitality industry.” For Cosmic Cocktails & Event, its location in Western Australia has created several advantages, especially over the last few years with the rising Covid-19 pandemic and its effect across the hospitality sector. Clint expands on the impact the lockdowns have had on the industry and his business, in particular, stating, “While the rest of the country experienced extensive lockdowns which all but destroyed the hospitality industry, here in Perth we were relatively normal. What we soon discovered after our initial lockdown in 2020 is that we were going to be busy, as people were unable to travel, but they were able to party.” During this time, the company’s catering and cocktail services were in significantly high demand; regardless of having lost eight months of bookings, Cosmic Cocktails & Events could make up for it in five short months of work. Now that most of the Covid-19 storm has passed, the new year is looking even brighter for the company. Clint adds to this, stating, “As we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel exiting the pandemic, we are wondering what that will mean for our business. Will we be quiet as everyone departs for holidays and see family, or will we be busy with events that have postponed waiting for loved ones to come home? Our plan is to be ready either way, and we hope to be hiring and training new staff, create some unique cocktail bar packages, revamp our platter menus and looking forward to looking after our customer’s big events and special days.” Recognised as Perth’s first and best mobile cocktail bar, Cosmic Cocktails & Events has found a unique way to spread cheer, booze and fun across Western Australia. Company Name: Cosmic Cocktails & Events Contact Name: Clint Gurney Web Address: Https://Cosmiccocktails.Com.Au/ Contact Email: [email protected] Feb22021