Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

42 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 An exemplary provider of childhoodmusic and sensory classes, MaggieMooMusic uses music, movement, and sensory activities to help support childrenwith additional needs. MaggieMooMusic is a unique music provider as our music educators come to the child’s home for engaging visits ensuring they have a safe space inwhich to support the child’s development which includes working on focus and attention, memory, language, and coordination skills. It is proud to say that its classes have helpedmany children grow in confidence in themselves and their abilities with the help of music and fun. Maggie Moo Music, a music, movement, and sensory play provider operating out of Toowoomba Queensland and the surrounding area, works with babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers, teenagers and adults to enrich their lives and support their individual Ndis goals. Fundamentally, its efforts focus on singing, dancing, playing, and learning with its original music which includes beloved characters of Maggie Moo Music such as Maggie herself, Ollie Oink, Doris Duck, Henry Horse, Holly Hen, and Barry Baa. This allows children to be able to come out of their shell and begin to develop their own personalities and ways of engaging with stimulus put before them, encouraging the emergence of curiosity and wonder in a safe and child-friendly environment. The Moo Croo team work hard to understand each and every child who attends their classes. In this way, Maggie Moo learns what keeps each child engaged, and where their points of overstimulation are. They love making music an integral part of every child’s early development in a way that introduces the concepts gently and without overwhelming them. Additionally, the interacting sessions incorporate over 130 original Moo Music songs that carry an uplifting, positive, fun, and educational message, allowing a child to gain confidence and develop memory, language skills, and coordination in an exciting and multi-sensory way. Each of these songs and the way in which they are presented have been put together to specifically cater to children, after all. In this way, its sessions taking place across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia all prioritise the health, safety, and happiness of the young people they work with, encouraging the adults they come with to get involved as well. All of its music has been written by a professional songwriter and recorded by a professional musician in order to be engaging to both parties, and it promises that the client will enjoy the music and atmosphere just as much as their child will! Encouraging prospective clients to get in touch today to begin their own customised Ndis journey, it is excited to see its classes growing in size and they are looking forward to welcoming many more new faces in the future. Company: Maggie Moo Music Contact: Kylie Murray Website: Best Music Service for Children with Additional Needs - South Queensland