Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 41 , Established as Australia’s best Property Investment Strategists of the Year, Aus Property Professionals aims to consistently exceed clients’ expectations, which is achieved daily and is evident through the high percentage of repeat and referred clients. Recognized as the most sought-after buyers’ agency, Aus Property Professionals represent buyers exceptionally through the real estate process. At Aus Property Professionals, everything achieved is done based on strategy with processes and systems in place to give the business a more significant advantage within the marketplace. Managing Director Lloyd Edge describes the aims of the business, stating, “We are here to take the stress away from buying property and to ensure clients understand the precise strategy behind their purchase. Therefore, we have a unique and dynamic approach to research and negotiations. At Aus Property Professionals, we delve right into clients’ individual goals to determine their unique property requirements and set a realistic plan tailored for them, focused on how they are going achieve their ideal lifestyle.” Property Investment Strategists of the Year 2022 Aus Property Professionals can help their clients begin moving in the right direction, starting with the ideal ‘dream team’ provided by their own staff members who have years of experience and invaluable knowledge that is unparallel in their field of expertise and within the industry amongst competitors. Because of Lloyd’s vast experience as an investor and his grand portfolio, clients enjoy his respect for individuals, authenticity and transparency, and prepared mannerisms that aid in achieving a client’s goal. Lloyd develops on this, stating, “At Aus Property Professionals, we will educate clients on the markets and guide them to the true value of the property to prevent them from overpaying. In addition, we are experienced in negotiation and will prevent our clients from falling for real estate sales tactics, ensuring they buy for the right price and under the right terms.” Moreover, the company buys across different states and locations to aid customers with various budgets and goals. The overall mission for Aus Property Professionals is to support clients in buying homes and investment properties, looking for ways to add value through renovation, subdivision, developments and other sectors. Due to Aus Property Professionals’ renowned reputation for excellence in service and customer satisfaction, clients come from across the globe and various states and territories throughout Australia. Aus Property Professionals focuses on suburb area specialists and specialists for primary residence, investments, and developments. By doing so, Aus Property Professionals can offer clients an outstanding service for whatever goals they are trying to reach. Because of this, the company has created a vast superiority within the industry and overall accreditation as being the best property specialists of the year. Unlike many businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, Aus Property Professionals has significantly benefited as the company managed to source and inspect properties whilst the public couldn’t. Lloyd expands on this by depicting additional silver linings created by the effects of the pandemic, stating, “During Covid-19, zoom calls came very prevalent and more clients from around the globe were comfortable with that. Additionally, our team has grown during this time, and because of this, we have been able to assist more clients.” For Aus Property Professionals, the most significant trends that have emerged recently are individuals buying and investing in regional and coastal markets for lifestyle and affordability. Aus Property Professionals is working hard to ensure that its excellence can be provided to all customers, regardless of budget or goal, to keep up with these trends and surging demands on the new world. To do so, Aus Property Professionals has plans for the new year to expand offices into other states, recruit and train more area specialists to give clients a better edge and expand the amounts of strategies that the company can help people with. The collection of these targets has put Aus Property Professionals afoot of the industry and will remain a leader within it for the foreseeable future. Company: Aus Property Professionals Pty.Ltd. Managing Director: Lloyd Edge Email: lloyd@ Web Address: APP Facebook: Base Camp Property Club: groups/580592219124241 Instagram: auspropertyprofessionals/ Positively Geared Podcast: www.auspropertyprofessionals. Feb22245