Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

40 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 Established as the only Australian based company tomake helm chairs using stainless steel products, MMelfi Designs Pty Ltd is recognised as the Best Lounge Upholstery and Manufacturing Business in Queensland. Authenticallymade in Australia using genuine Australian products, MMelfi Designs has been a renowned family-owned and operated business since 1988. Based in Southeast Queensland, M Melfi Designs Pty Ltd, has been renowned in the upholstery manufacturing business for nearly four decades and ships its products Australia wide and overseas. At M Melfi Designs, clients and products are well looked after and handled with care due to the dedication and passion of its team of professional artisans and their vast talent and experience within the industry. For decades, its exceptional craftsmanship has been recognised across the nation, all in part to its impressive service, outstanding quality and supreme product. Michael Melfi, director of M Melfi Designs, comments on this, stating, “We cater to a broad range of industries including the marine, commercial, shopfitters, luxury motorhomes, and film and television, to name a few. Moreover, we provide exceptional customer service, advice and artistry on all of our products - our attention to detail and our manufacturing process is what sets us apart from the competition.” At M Melfi Designs, products are wholly manufactured and developed in an Australian environment using the finest Australian materials to produce high quality and exceptional standards of bespoke helm chairs that holds remarkable Italian influence. M Melfi Designs creates beautifully crafted, tailormade items that are brilliantly designed and engineered. Michael expands on this, stating, “Our custom ergonomic helm chairs combine leather, vinyl, stainless steel and electronic controls to provide comfort, durability and functionality.” A unique combination of craftsmanship, talent and high-quality materials is utilised to ensure customers get the best products and outstanding service. The company is highly regarded within the industry, specialising in custom-designed and handmade lounges and helm chairs that caters to a broad scope of clients and individual retailers across the nation. Michael adds to this by stating, “Our helm chairs are not only comfortable but elegantly styled and brilliantly engineered, completely Australian made. With an Italian influence, our products display high levels of comfort, functionality and durability.” The M Melfi Designs brand is recognised across the globe. It has been featured in several industries, from boat builders to film and television, working with highly regarded designers to create an unbelievable execution of beautifully designed lounges and helm chairs. Developing on the products, M Melfi Designs are significantly praised within the boat sector for their bespoke interiors, exteriors, trimming, soft furnishings and other upholstery needs. Moreover, its helm chairs are featured on Maritimo Motor Yachts, Riviera Motor Yachts, Multi-Hull Solutions, Perry Cats, Precision Cruisers, Montebello Motor Yachts, Tasman Yachts, Palm Beach Motor Yacht, Azzure Yachts, Whitehaven Yachts, Grand Banks and Black Watch. At M Melfi Designs, customers are provided with exceptional service, advice, and craftsmanship on all Melfi products due to the company’s reliability and extraordinary attention to detail within the manufacturing process. Thus, the company can set itself apart from competitors and the industry competition by staying true to its brand of excellence and craft. Michael describes the company’s inner workings in the industry by stating, “Our industry is a dying art. There is not a lot of tradesmen that can do upholstery. So all our products are manufactured with sprung composite seating, the old traditional way of upholstering. This gives us an advantage over our competitors, which we can capitalise on.” For the future, M Melfi Designs plans on expanding across the globe, showcasing the future that is custom built and beautifully crafted helm chairs. Company Name: M Melfi Designs Pty Ltd Contact Name: Michael Melfi Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Best Lounge Upholstery & Manufacturing Business - Queensland