Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

4 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 , Specialists in archaeology, cultural heritage management, mediation, and arbitration, Comber Consultants works in Aboriginal, nonAboriginal and Maritime Archaeology and heritage management, undertaking historic research, assessments, surveys, monitoring, excavation, significance assessment and the provision of mitigation and management recommendations. They also provide Statements of Heritage Impact and Conservation Management Plans. Providing a consultation touchstone for archaeological, research and heritage professionals, Comber Consultants has provided the best quality end-to-end archaeological and multidisciplinary heritage management services, having developed this reputation over many years of operation. Fundamentally, using these years of experience to inform its decision making and client service, it leads the field in heritage consultancy With a values led work ethic, a proactive approach and a customer focussed business strategy Comber Consultants has made itself a leader in its field. Its IntegratedManagement System ensures ongoing education, training, research and best practice cultural heritage management which ensures that the company not only excels in its field but that it is dedicated to growing and improving. Its highly qualified and experienced Director is a diligent voice inmodern academia and consulting when it comes to Australian archaeology and heritage management. Best Cultural Heritage Management Specialists 2022 with diligence, empathy and excellence. As an indication of its commitment to excellence Comber Consultants was the first heritage consulting firm in Australia to develop a certified Integrated Management System and ensures ongoing professional development for all staff. Included within this holistic end-to-end approach. Comber Consultants provides alternative dispute resolution services to resolve cultural heritage and land management disputes. The Director, Dr Jillian Comber is qualified and experienced in mediation, conciliation, facilitation, and arbitration services to resolve disputes related to conflicting land use and environmental matters. Based out of Croydon, NSW, its highly qualified and experienced heritage managers provide best-practice and comprehensive solutions at every turn; with the provision of sound archaeological and multidisciplinary heritage management solutions having secured their status as a leader in the field. This and being the first heritage consultants with a certified and integrated management system have allowed it to shape the future of its sector. Jillian and her staff have a detailed understanding of State and Federal cultural heritage legislation. This ensures that they are able to provide individually tailored cultural heritage management solutions for their clients. Additionally, its commitment to excellence and quality in the provision of its awardwinning services has ensured it can create a highly skilled and experienced team, one that goes above and beyond for operating with sensitivity and empathy. Dr Comber has ensured this personally. Jillian has made a name for herself in the field with her vast depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in cultural heritage management as a consultant archaeologist, government archaeologist and within academia. In recognition of her expertise she is on several boards providing cultural heritage advice to government, has won a National Trust Award for conservation and adaptive reuse and an Australia Day award for services to the community. Dr Comber has taught at James Cook University, Canberra University, UTS Kuringai Campus, within the TAFE system and as a guest lecturer at the University of Sydney and Flinders University. She has developed and taught courses specifically for Aboriginal students. In addition Jillian is a mediation and arbitration coach. Jillian and her team are members of the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology, the Australian Archaeological Association, the Australasian Institute of Maritime Archaeology, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, and the Australian Institute of Training and Development. During her tenure teaching and talking to students and peers alike, she Jan22399