Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 39 , A company resolved to the task of offering tailored carpet cleaning services, Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning has become known as the best of its kind in its region. Working with its clients to ascertainwhat they need, when, and for what elements of the home, it promises that it and its teamwill have the solution required to breath new life into their carpet, furniture, or upholstery. Above all, it was founded upon the vision of bringing excellence to the carpet cleaning industry, and to this ethos it holds to this day, determinedly serving its clients with the most comprehensive solutions and best results. When it comes to carpet cleaning, Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning is the company wishing to buck the trend that ‘one size fits all’. Wishing to show that, in fact, carpet cleaning should be just as tailored to fit the task at hand as any other aspect of home care, it has been working hard since 2012 to be a leading voice in its sector. With a team of friendly, enthusiastic, hardworking people behind it, each fully trained staff Leading Carpet Cleaning Company of the Year - Townsville member takes extra care of a client’s upholstery, carpet, or other surface, ensuring they stay cleaner for longer and that they can benefit from the most premium products available on the market. Nominally, working with the utmost consideration and empathy, its efforts unite the foremost efforts in product innovation with learned technique and comprehensive work, combining five-star customer service with the best results to make it the top-rated carpet cleaning service in Townsville. Having taken the time to understand its clients and their needs, it is consistently finding new ways to help them keep their homes clean. Its prices are transparent, only charging for labour and materials used, happy to walk a client through how it breaks down its invoices and always arriving on time, every time. Fundamentally, it is this dedication to working with a client – as well as for them – that has given Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning the reputation it currently enjoys as a highly reliable and incredibly diligent company, one that will only be satisfied when the client is thoroughly happy. It goes above and beyond to ensure that it can help, and this has taken it into new heights of recognition. Recently, it was awarded accreditation as a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider, a certification only achieved by the top 5% of carpet cleaning companies, and something that it is incredibly proud of, happy to be able to use this accreditation to put its best foot forward when welcoming new clients on board. Nominally, it means that they never just have to take Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning’s word for it regarding the greatness of their services; instead, they can trust the outstanding reviews of past clients and the blessing of an impartial third-party awards body. Continuing to allow clients to ‘walk in, feel great, and live their best life’, it is excited to continue on with its outstanding work in the new year, serving many more clients to the best of its efforts. Company: Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning Website: Jan22662