Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 37 , Arovec Australia designs products with the consumer inmind. Across its broad range of air treatment items, the company prioritises safety and efficiency, creating environmentally friendly dehumidifiers, air purifiers, humidifiers, and diffusers. From large humidifiers to ‘Small in SizeWhile Big Effect’ diffusers, Arovec has something suitable for every environment. Headquartered in Sydney, Arovec Australia has become the premier manufacturer for home, health, and personal care products. With numerous products in its portfolio, the company is primarily known for its ventures into air treatment technology, including purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. With both design and quality in mind, Arovec endeavours Best Residential Air Treatment Technology Brand 2022 to create an accessible, allinclusive product that is based upon highly trusted functionality in order to efficiently respond to each customer’s expectations. Each member of Arovec’s range has been designed to suit the Australian climate and is perfect for both residential and industrial settings. Moreover, the products are designed with sustainability in mind, for example, its products take energy efficiency into consideration. The most blatant benefit, however, is how discrete and sleek the items are. Its humidifiers are capable of being tucked away in the corner of the room, blending in seamlessly with the rest of the décor. Furthermore, Arovec’s diffusers are petite and stylish, hosting a colour changing light. Indeed, be it in a living room, office, or nursery, Arovec’s range will suit. For example, some of the Arovec Essential Oil Diffusers, are compact and fit for residential use. They are best for a shelf or on a table, from where it will refresh and moisturize the air in small to large rooms range. Complimented by a relaxing colour changing mood light, the diffusers cultivate a calming ambience that aids the improvement of mood and dispels stress. Most importantly, the product is equipped with numerous safety features, including an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating. Arovec’s products are available via a plethora of retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and Westfield. In addition, the company hosts its own online store that includes its full range of stock. Henceforth, it is no surprise that Arovec is an incredibly popular brand. With reviews spanning across the web, from Amazon to Google Reviews, customers are consistently buzzing about the company. Writing that they are highly impressed with the product, a customer added, ‘Have noticed that it eliminates the [cooking] smells somehow as well as it removes pollen and allergy causing stuff in the room, making the air fresh and clean. It’s quiet and effective, the light can be dimmed or turned off which is perfect for bedrooms.’ Additionally, one of the customers affirms, ‘This air purifier proves they don’t have to be big and cumbersome to be effective. And it’s far more quiet than my older unit. My dog sheds and sleeps on the bed, so I keep the air purifier nearby and it certainly works.’ Contact: Omid Safie Company: Arovec Australia Web Address: Jan22493