Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

36 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 Bookkeeping is incredibly complicated, especially for those with no prior experience. This solidifies the reason forMagick Numbers’ existence – it is here to support small businesses with numerous bookkeeping and admin tasks, removing that added layer of stress and pressure. Conducting work that is instrumental to the smooth operations of small businesses, Magick Numbers is comprised of years of business and industry experience and is therefore understanding and efficient. Magick Numbers takes over the complicated task of bookkeeping, allowing companies to get back to what they do best. It simplifies the process greatly, aiding clients with numerous tasks, including the processing of daily transactions, end of month and end of year reconciliations, and working closely with your accountant. Be it a monthly or weekly service, Magick Numbers is there to serve you and your business. No task is to big or small for the company – Magick Numbers is happy to lend its assistance either way. Across its data entry, bookkeeping, and administration services the company is equipped to handle a range of tasks and is willing to tailor its services towards the client. After all, client-centricity is a vital element of Magick Numbers’ business. In turn, this is complimented with an abundance of transparency and reliability which infuse the company’s communications with its clients. Confidentiality is therefore a key priority and is guaranteed by Magick Numbers, as it has crafted numerous methods to ensure that all data is protected. Moreover, these traits are bolstered by Magick Number’s approach to client service. Indeed, it believes that it’s as important for the client to choose the company as it is, for the company to choose them. As a result, Magick Numbers is able to formulate personal relationships with its clients, gaining their trust over the long term. Of course, this then aids collaboration and streamlines the bookkeeping process. Plenty of this process takes place digitally, especially in the midst of the current pandemic, however, the service is in fact mobile and is willing to work in-person with clients. None of this would be possible without the owner, Kirsty Camilleri. With over 20 years in the industry, Magick Numbers is not Kirsty’s first dip into the world of business ownership – maintaining both a café and a transport business. This provides Kirsty with a unique insight into how businesses operate and the pressures and expectations that come alongside owning a business. Additionally, she possesses a deep passion for numbers and a high level of accuracy, therefore, she opted to enter a pathway she knew she’d love. As such, bookkeeping has provided the perfect outlet for this passion, with which she endeavours to aid as many small businesses as possible. The success of the company is greatly mirrored within the reviews that is has received. Magdy Malik of Balmain Motorcycles left a review via the Magick Numbers’ Facebook page stating, ‘Committed, professional, reliable, and gets the task done right! Thank you for your great service.’ Upon which he then added, ‘at Balmain Motorcycles we have no hesitation in recommending Magick Numbers.’ This sentiment is echoed across the company’s clientele, who are passionate in their unbridled support of the company. Contact: Kirsty Camilleri Company: Magick Numbers Web Address: Best Bookkeeping & Business Services Provider - New South Wales