Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 33 , Established in 1989, Daniele Designer Jewellery has been a fixture of the Australian jewellery industry for two decades, striving to exceed all its clients’ needs by creating bespoke pieces that are special and eternal. It also breathes life back into older pieces by repairing or remodelling them. Daniele Jewellers has become a prominent name in the wholesale and retail industry in Sydney’s southwest. Each piece is handcrafted by the company’s skilled artisans and reflects a symbolic relationship between the team and the individual personalities of each client, resulting in a flawless and meaningful end product to treasure forever. By creating its pieces inhouse, the company benefits from greater control over design and quality. Every piece of jewellery created by Daniele Jewellers tells a story, whether it be the design, Best Bespoke Handcrafted Jewellery Company - New South Wales materials or artisan’s approach. The team unfailingly creates pieces of enduring beauty which see customers return time and time again to commemorate life’s most cherished moments. The process of creating a bespoke jewellery piece begins with establishing a relationship with the customer, ensuring an adequate amount of time is spent with each individual to ensure it delivers on their needs, wants and expectations, as well as specified timeframes for the completion of each piece. This includes one-on-one time with creative director, Michael Daniele, who has spent over 30 years within the trade, with the last two decades focused solely on the design aspect of the trade. Clients will outline their criteria in terms of the piece they desire, and Michael will hand sketch a design on the spot to ensure no detail is overlooked. It is an essential part of Daniele Jewellers’ mission that it continually updates clients on the manufacturing process. It allows customers to come into the store and try on and check pieces before completion to ensure that they fit, and to ensure the physical design matches the customer’s vision. With a family culture internally, each member of the team shares similar values and beliefs with the ultimate goal of achieving perfection for customers. Many members of the team have been with the company for years, all of which have decades of experience within the trade. There is a strong sense of team work, and all hands are on deck, especially during the busiest times of the year. Daniele Jewellers is a strong enthusiast of upskilling its staff, with Michael Daniele continuously attending courses in terms of current practices, technology and design. He attends up to 10 global trade shows annually, and is excited to be attending these again now, following the lifting of restrictions. Michael draws inspiration from the latest in the trade, and spends his free time sketching, creating exquisitely unique pieces. Travelling and attending jewellery fairs allows the company to keep up with the latest machinery, techniques, and innovation for new designs, colours, gemstones, and trends in the industry. Ultimately, Daniele Jewellers is proud of the success it has achieved, offering services only a small business can. However, it has big plans to expand the business particularly on an online platform. It believes e-commerce will open up doors for it as a company, and allow it to gain a larger customer base, and even tap into global markets as well. The company would love to showcase its designs and innovations on a much larger platform. In over three decades of business, Daniele Jewellers has seen waves of new technology and innovations, it would like to keep up in terms of the latest trends in the trade. This involves being part of a larger community. It also has big plans to expand its reach on social media – the company has been able to generate a good following but would love to showcase its designs and special pieces to a much larger community on Instagram and Facebook in particular. Company: Daniele Designer Jewellers Email:[email protected] Website: Feb22105