Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

30 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 For many, financial strategies are amajor part of investing, but toomany people depend on companies which don’t quite deliver to the standards they deserve. The team fromPreston Point Capital are different. We take a look at how they secure success on behalf of their clients, and how this committed approach has brought them such acclaim in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2022. Managing financial strategies is no easy task for any organisation, but the team at Preston Point Capital stand apart because of their determination to find a way forward that puts their clients right at the heart of their financial decisions. Their firm belief is that everyone deserves financial freedom, and they are committed to providing them with the best tools and strategies to facilitate this. Needless to say, a Preston Point Capital client discovers a wealth of different options. Firstly, they are provided with the opportunity to realise their equity potential, which is used to unlock benefits that save them significant amounts of money. By intimately understanding the financial goals of their clients, it’s possible for the Preston Point Capital team to identify both short and long term financial objectives, and then develop strategies to reach them. This personalised approach to finance is not often found within the sector, and stands out for its commitment to detail and service. The key to the team’s incredible success is their dedicated culture. A range of different skillsets allows the firm to provide a comprehensive experience for clients, many of whom stick with the team for the long term. The majority of clients offer repeat business, and many will share the good experiences they have had with others. There is, perhaps, no finer calling card than this. Finding the right staff to fit into a boutique and successful firm is essential. Much like clients sharing the success of Preston Point Capital through word of mouth, so too do the team. Advertising for new roles can be somewhat of a ‘blind date’ approach, therefore, Preston Point Capital, adopts a style to hiring which avoids this uncertainty. Whilst leading in the brokering industry, the Preston Point Capital team is made of newcomers to this part of the financial sector. Instead of bringing bad habits to a firm renowned for its fastidious nature, they learn how to do the work properly and to the high standards that clients expect. Shelley McGinty, founder of Preston Point Capital, prefers working in this way. She loves mentoring her staff and watching them develop over time into the amazing brokers. With a strong work ethic, and an approach that stands out from the crowd, it’s very little wonder why Preston Point Capital is in such a strong position. The team are already looking at what they can do to grow the company moving forward. Recently, they have rolled out the Membership Package and will continue to offer this to new clients along with reaching out to their existing database to ensure they are aware of their equity potential. The team are also continuing their commitment to ongoing reviews of their systems and processes to ensure they are working as effectively as possible for their clients. When looking for success in the financial sector, it’s worth turning to a team that understands what is expected of them. The Preston Point Capital team put expectation at the heart of everything they do. It’s why they are so highly regarded and have achieved such astonishing success. “We take the time to really connect with our clients, to actually get to know them so we can then identify their financial goals both short term and long term. From there we build a specialised & tailored finance strategy that actually works for our clients. “ Company: Preston Point Capital Name: Shelley McGinty Email: shelley@ Web Address: http://www. Instagram: @prestonpointcapital Best Specialised & Tailored Finance Strategy Provider 2022