Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 29 , After years of the letterbox distribution industry receiving a negative reputation, Locals’R’us brings amuch-needed breath of fresh air for South East Queensland companies and residents. Providing an ethical service across the board, Locals’R’us truly differentiates itself from its industry companions. Froma non-discriminative hiring process to an intensive quality control process, Locals’R’us consistently raises the bar for the entire industry whilst maintaining a high standard within its delivery operations. Leading a team that boasts over 70 years of combined business experience, Sharyn Crawford cut her teeth across numerous industries before founding Locals’R’us, a letterbox distribution service. Having gained an MBA and a plethora of qualifications and specialist training, Crawford maintains over 40 years of experience in all levels of business from acting as a sole trader to corporate head office. Moreover, her impressive CV features contract work with multiple letterbox companies and experience working within banking, retail, local government, hospitality, and various nonprofit organisations. Indeed, this Best Letterbox Distribution Service Company - South East Queensland experience has aided her greatly within the founding and running of Locals’R’us, as it has enabled her to create a service that benefits the team and the customer. Located in South East Queensland, Australia, Locals’R’us focuses greatly upon the community – it employs those from and around the area and works to give back to the local economy. Furthermore, it takes an unbiased approach during the hiring process, taking on those that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The company maintains equality throughout, employing workers and contractors with disabilities. Simply, it believes that everyone should have the ability to create their own path and earn their own money – everyone is welcome at Locals’R’us. The company’s work is relatively simple, it aids advertisers and businesses via the distribution of flyers and leaflets. However, unlike many companies in the field, Locals’R’us prioritises honesty and transparency. As the industry on the whole has gained a negative reputation, Locals’R’us is working to set things right, working as ethically as possible. This effort is engrained within its business plan and is further backed up by its willingness to follow the standards set by the Distribution Standards Board despite the fact that it is not required to do so. Each of its employees are supervised while distributing to ensure distribution is done correctly. In addition, GPS tracking is available to those who request it prior to delivery, in turn, allowing the customer to view the distribution in real-time. As such, this devotion to quality permeates each aspect of the business, including its quality control and delivery standards. It takes pride in what it does. Therefore, prior to distribution, it checks that the flyers meet a multitude of standards. For one, they must not be explicit or feature adult content, it ensures that it has the correct number of flyers, and if a client has different flyers for different areas, Locals’R’us ensures that the different flyers are clearly labelled to prevent incorrect distribution. Like many companies, Locals’R’us was impacted greatly by the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet as it is a part of the essential services supply chain, it was able to continue its operations throughout the crisis. Abiding by the government’s restrictions, the company introduced stringent new rules – deliverers must practice social distancing at all times, deliverers who are isolating with vulnerable people or people that have recently returned from overseas are not permitted to work, and they must adhere to government health guidelines. These measures have proven to be beneficial within the company’s fight against the virus. Not only have they kept the staff safe, but they have also protected the clients and receivers. It is with all this in mind that it is unsurprising that Locals’R’us has garnered a positive reputation throughout the South East Queensland area. The company has received an array of positive testimonials, each summing the company up in a succinct and clear manner – it is blatant that customers are pleased with the service that they have received. For example, Tracy Baird states, ‘Before we used Locals’R’us to distribute The Park Ridge News, a lot of our community would miss this publication each month as it wasn’t being delivered with any care. NOW we know that our community receive our magazine each and every month. Highly recommend Locals’R’us.’ Additionally, Paul Jackson encompasses the key aim of the company with the comment, ‘These guys really deliver every time.’ Contact: Sharyn Crawford Company: Locals’R’us Web Address: Feb22058