Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

28 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 Established nearly a decade ago in Ballarat, Victoria, Azguard Security are an Australianowned company dedicated to providing quality personnel to its customers, major security companies, andmajor events. Recognised as the Best Family-Owned Security Company in Victoria, Azguard Security is amember of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association), regarded as the peak body for security professionals. For Azguard Security, the innate goal is to be Ballarat’s premium security provider. It is a company that prides itself on finding solutions to the demands of its customers, exceeding all their security needs. With its location conveniently located in the Ballarat region, Azguard Security is readily available and honoured to serve its community in Victoria. Azguard Security is renowned for providing incredible quality personnel services to its customers, working closely with major organisations and businesses, including ArmaGuard, Miter 10, Independent Hardware Group, Golden Nugget Bakery, and Clyde Park, to name a few. A vast range of clients, diverse in nature and sectors, commonly agree on one united front – that Azguard Security is the Best Family-Owned Security Company in Victoria and the surrounding Ballarat area. Azguard Security’s services are crowd control, static guards, armed guards, cash in transit, and event security, coving a broad basis for whatever security needs are required of its clients. Most notably, the company is recognised for its professional manner in which its friendly staff listen to the concerns of the customer and tailor solutions that suit their requirements. With its upbeat, positive and ‘can-do’ attitude, Azguard Security is dedicated to providing accommodating solutions for its customers. It is catering as best as possible to ensure that events and situations are thoroughly looked over and taken care of to the highest possible standard. Due to its connection to ASIAL, Azguard Security regularly gets informed of any industry changes and is continually updated on standard practices. This allows Azguard Security to stay on top of any trends, difficulties or situations that may affect the nature of their business and remain capable of providing top tier services to the Victoria community. With that taken into consideration, Azguard Security makes any necessary changes to exceed the requirements and standards set by ASIAL. Recognised as a familyowned business that has been operating for many successful years, Azguard Security keeps on top of the concerns and progressions within the business. With this, Azguard Security has SOP’s and policies to ensure all staff members remain at the same level of professionalism that the core leaders of the establishment instil. To become a member of the Azguard Security team, guards must have a minimum level two certification in security with crowd control to apply. From there, Azguard Security looks at additional qualifications and personality traits that will be cheerful and enthusiastic, along with excellent references and qualifications. Within the company, payment differs pers the category of jobs within the industry. Thus, as guards obtain additional training, they can join higher roles, and payment can increase along with responsibility. Recognised as the best familyowned security company, Azguard Security aims to expand its reputation and brand – becoming the best company within Victoria and the Ballarat region – leading the industry and keeping events and individuals safe with its professional attitude and outstanding care. Company Name: Azguard Security Contact Name: Joseph Oakes Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Best Family-Owned Security Company - Victoria