Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

24 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 Modelmaking has been amuch-loved hobby for hundreds of years, with techniques and practices that are constantly evolving. The teamat The ScaleModellers Supply aim to provide their customers quality Acrylic Lacquer airbrush paints that stand at the forefront of the market. Their efforts have earned them incredible success in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2022. We dug a little deeper to discover more. The seemingly unstoppable growth of The Scale Modellers Supply is one which speaks to not only the incredible potential nestled in the hobby community, but the essential values of offering an amazing product with good old-fashioned customer service. From humble beginnings in a small room in 2016, the firm has expanded into a fully-fledged factory in its own right and has now become an invaluable part of the scale modelling community around the world. But how did that happen? It’s fair to say that a great deal of heart drove the growth of The Scale Modellers Supply. Six years since opening its doors, it is still a family owned and operated company and has the attitude to prove it. Their priority is always to welcome people in, offering products that are both easy to use and fairly priced. If a hobby is meant to be fun, they have gone above and beyond to ensure that their products make life as enjoyable as possible. When the team entered the market, The Scale Modellers Supply was the first dedicated range of Australian Made paints created specifically for the hobby market. With so many modellers moving towards airbrushes, their products were formulated so that they could be airbrushed straight from the bottle with no need to mix with thinners. This innovation has made their products the paint of choice for many in the scale modelling hobby not just across Australia, but around the world. The team’s growth into an international phenomenon is built on proudly offering a quality Australian product. Many are delighted by the idea that they are buying something made locally, which is why the team endeavoured to get Australian Made certification. Having gained this certification in February 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March. The community lockdowns, both in Australia and around the world, allowed people the time to take up scale modelling as a hobby once more and The Scale Modellers Supply was the vendor of choice for many. The demand for hobby products grew significantly, and the team’s growth was explosive to say the least. New people picked up the hobby and others returned to it once more. They all wanted to try the best that the industry had to offer, and this came in the form of The Scale Modellers Supply. The tail end of the pandemic has not seen this demand decrease at all as people have returned to work. In fact, the team have been able to sell more of their products both in Australia and in the international territories they export to such as the US, the UK, Canada and New Zealand. Serving the needs of the hobby remains the priority for the team and their current plans include introducing new paints and products into their stunning range. The expansion of the popular airbrush ready Premium range and their new water based Infinite Colour range are both being worked on. For the Australian market, the team’s new factory capacity has allowed them to sell to other retail outlets and their focus for 2022 is on selling more products through bricks and mortar stores. Many are keen to introduce this stunning range to their customers because of its impeccable reputation. This applies overseas as well, with wholesale distribution networks being established with the team’s partners around the world. From the humblest of beginnings in a potentially niche corner of the market, The Scale Modellers Supply has grown into one of the most formidable names within the scale model industry. No matter the modelling subject, their products guarantee the perfect finish. It’s a credit to the team’s tireless efforts that they have been able to achieve so much. They are a beacon of Australian enterprise. Despite the firm’s growth, however, it’s the focus on the end user experience that has remained consistent and provided security through these difficult times. It means that when customers buy from The Scale Modellers Supply, they receive exactly what they need – a paint that offers them a finish of the highest possible standards every time. Company: The Scale Modellers Supply Name: Scott Taylor Email: [email protected] Web Address: www. Best Scale Model Paints & Accessories Company 2022