Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 21 , Having pulled through a great deal of adversity with personal and professional struggles along the way, Islashboutique is an eyelash boutique that trains budding technicians in its cosmetic art. It helps these technicians to serve their clients with the best possible service. Having also won an award for ‘Business Growth Excellence 2022’, it forecasts its current expansionwill not be slowing down anytime soon. We are excited to see where the excellence it has cultivated will take it – and its pupils – in the future. A beauty salon, beauty educator, and Australian Beauty Supplier, Islashboutique was the first salon in its region to provide its students with a beauty bed, ring light, and lash kit upon enrolling on its course. Nominally, this shows not only the dedication to ensuring everyone has the right equipment but shows its buy-in to its students success as it shepherds them through their course and onwards to the rest of their lash extension career. Its customers and clients are local to Ipswich in Queensland – and are also found all across Australia in the macro scale. Serving its customers and helping its clients to grow as professionals and experts, Islashboutique is elevating the industry. In essence, its mission is to reshape, re-educate, and re-develop those who come to it for training. Its course has been designed specially to allow for a flexible and tailor-made experience that can fit seamlessly around other jobs and commitments, allowing students to learn at their own pace, at their own time, and under no pressure to keep to a rigid timetable in order to succeed. With online options that cater to a busy work and home life, its clients appreciate the lack of time pressures and constraints, and Best Emerging Lash Extension Training Provider 2022 the reviews that it receives reflect how much its clients appreciate its style and organisation of training. With 150 5-star reviews in a very short time, Islashboutique makes a huge impact on its many clients – an impact that It takes feedback very seriously – although it is grateful for and humbled by these 5-star reviews, it doesn’t let them go to its head, instead thanking the client for the positive reviews and focusing on the criticism it receives in order to consistently improve itself, making itself a better educator. With a hybrid approach to training that combines in-shop and online learning, Islashboutique survived Covid by focusing in on this online training provision, its two owners and two staff members working hard to focus on ensuring its clients can reach the height of their potential. Due to this, when hiring, it looks for people who fit this ethos. Having won this award, it will be using this as a springboard to further success, planning to go global in 2022 and start offering courses and supplies internationally, excited to help many more clients get on the stepladder to lash technician excellence. Company: Islashboutique Contact: Indianna Dicks Website: Jan22342