Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 19 , MiDispensary is one of Australia’s premiummedical cannabis services, providing a seamless and effective solution for a range of chronic illnesses and health issues ranging from chronic pain, arthritis, nausea and fibromyalgia to anxiety, depression and epilepsy. MiDispensary provides dedicated care to aid numerous conditions using approved plant-based therapy. In Australia, cannabis was legalised for medicinal uses in 2016, allowing for all medical practioners to prescribe via the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) Special Access Schemes (SAS). The Australian system differs greatly from others, as medicinal cannabis is only available on prescription via the Australian community pharmacy system. Additionally, the cannabis is not approved as a smokable product, it is only accessible in dried leaf, oil, pill, and vaporisation form. The TGA ensures that the manufacturing and sales process of the medical grade cannabis is high-quality and seamless, vetting it to guarantee that it is free from contamination or tampering. MiDispensary is home to a team of medical professionals that are entirely devoted to providing an attentive and client-centric service, and its doctors and nurses have both experience in dealing with chronic illnesses and knowledge surrounding the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Indeed, MiDispensary is a nation-wide leading cannabis dispensary due to its unbridled devotion to executing the best possible customer care – the company is truly passionate Best Emerging Medical Cannabis Dispensary & Clinic – Australia Wide about the usage of cannabis as a health care tool. MiDispensary offers a simplified and personalised experience. It understands that no two patients are the same and that their conditions will vary greatly. This allows them to tailor the service to the patient’s needs. In addition, its clients benefit from receiving this exceptional service at an affordable price – MiDispensary advertises an upfront cost of $580 AUD per year, which does not only cover the application process, doctors’ and nurses’ consultations but also all prescriptions and support the customer may need over the 12-month subscription period. The only element this fee doesn’t cover is the medicinal cannabis itself, which is purchased directly from the pharmacy. Prior to signing up for the treatment program, each patient must complete an online eligibility questionnaire. Once this eligibility form is complete, the patient can proceed to sign up and will be provided with a pre-booking form and GP referral form. Their team is there to assist in collecting your medical records from your current or previous GP or specialist. From here, a doctor will review the application and perform a consultation via telehealth. This will confirm the patient’s medical history, discuss strategies involving plant-based treatment, and provide an opportunity to follow up with any questions the patient may have. The patient will then be contacted to inform them of their approval and prescription. Patients are able to allocate a pharmacy of their choice for ordering and collection of their products allowing for increased convenience and freedom. MiDispensary’s high levels of care is demonstrated in their patient’s feedback and reviews. It has been complimented endlessly on its excellent customer service, with one reviewer exclaiming, “I was guided through the few steps by friendly and helpful staff, from initial contact to nurse meeting and doctor consultation. A pleasant experience.” Meanwhile, over on the company’s Facebook page, Ann King comments, “Highly recommended - Can see how well this will help so many.” It is abundantly clear as to why MiDispensary has been named Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary & Clinic. Consistently the company has gone above and beyond the call of duty to offer its clients a premium service, which is reflected within the numerous testimonials and reviews that can be found online. Moreover, MiDispensary works in accordance with the law, and guarantees an enhanced, entirely legal process. There is, quite simply, no one better than MiDispensary. Contact: Chloe James Company: MiDispensary Web Address: Feb22106